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Crimean Wooden Houses

Today, land in the foothills Crimea began to enjoy steady demand. For private construction of wooden houses are buying the most eco-friendly and scenic areas of the peninsula. As we know, most of them part came at the disposal of a large investment company. Ukrainian businessmen have launched in the Crimea active activities aimed at building the houses fachwerk "turnkey". Sale of timber houses built on technology fachwerk recently more and more popular in Ukraine.

Development of this area is associated with negative trends in the Crimean real estate market, particularly on the South Coast. Over the past three years the price of land in the Big Yalta and Alushta rose by more than two (!) Times. Today afford to buy private housing near the sea can only "a dollar millionaire", and the prospects for such an acquisition questionable. It's no secret that every year in the resort cities and their surroundings "falls" ecology. Therefore, the construction of houses made of wood growing in a cleaner and less "gold", as compared with the city, the foothills areas of Yalta and Alushta Bakhchisaray. Wooden half-timbered houses – it is home made on the basis of "light" wooden frame.

Such are built frame house quickly because they do not take time to "shrink". This is one factor for which investors prefer to invest in this promising line of development in Crimea. According to specialists, marketers purchase and sale of such real estate will enjoy popular with brokers and private individuals since 2009. However, today on the peninsula more often enter into contracts to purchase ready-made designs of wooden houses.

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Garden House

Potted plants in the interior of the apartment – a beauty, healthy climate and an exciting experience. Almost every one of us in the house has at least one pot of flowers. Sometimes we do not know their names or origin – just like to take care of his green friend, enjoy the emergence of new shoots and flowers. With limited space and low-light living room also can be successfully grown even vegetable plants. AND your garden at home will bring you not only enjoy a pleasant hassle to care for him but good. Worse than look to a room, for example, clumps of parsley and celery leaves with beautiful? And did not cause a good aesthetic sensations tomato plants on a windowsill or balcony? Even with great success in the indoor environment can be grown cucumber.

Pleasing to the eye green arrow leaves the bow, which is 10-12 days can grow from nutrients stored in the bulbs. Most vegetable plants is well matched with potted flowers and ornamental plants. Many of them are in themselves beautiful and stunning and so it can decorate the house and even to replace decorative. Chase home of roots can be a delicate tracery greens cumin scented rhizomes of tarragon, hyssop, and other perennial spice plants. You can create a "bouquet" of various vegetables, placing them in a well decorated boxes, plastic dishes or in bags of plastic films and even in ordinary flower pots. Well-groomed plants not only provide comfort home, but thinner and a pleasant aroma. But the main advantage growing vegetables on the windowsill – at any time at hand there are few fresh herbs vitamins, so necessary to us in the autumn, winter and spring. Lesson is, however, is troublesome.

You need to consider how best to place the green friends, pick up soil and containers for planting. Very important work on selection of varieties and the acquisition of seeds, rhizomes, bulbs, roots that are at the right time could be put in the room and create a pipeline vitamin products. There is a need to protect plants from pests and diseases, and the room you can only do harmless drugs. These and many other issues that may arise in the fun work to grow vegetables in a room, find the answers online Garden home.

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Installation And Removal Of Household Appliances

Today, sanitary devices are presented in the widest range and any taste – from the standard classical to sophisticated multi-function with a mass of different devices. Certainly, it is very convenient. But from correctness of installation depends on their subsequent operation. If you do not want the new plumbing is broken, and even more so there was a "deluge" that certainly does not come cheap, in this case it is better not to save on Content and quality of installation. Installation of household appliances or plumbing (in particular, installation of bathrooms and installation of toilets on their own is not recommended, because there are already required to know all the intricacies of installing and Qualitatively, this can be done only master. Change plumbing starts with dismantling. Water, cover, remove the old equipment, clean the surface and flatten.

After this, install a new equipment, connect water supply and drainage pipes and hoses, seal the joints. Detailed testing of integrity and functionality of the system – this is the final step in the installation of sanitary equipment. Not less professional approach requires the installation of mixers, although it may be easier than installing showers. Installing the plumbing – the same case, when work should be entrusted to specialists.

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Sewerage System For A Country House

Installation of equipment for the treatment of domestic water is becoming one of the important stages of the construction of individual houses or mansions. Their presence allows us to solve all the problems related to the accumulation of polluted water and construction of latrines. Due to the fact that suburban areas are usually not binding to a common sewerage systems, many owners are forced to build autonomous ways to neutralize the contaminated fluids. Sewerage system for a country house of this type, in most cases, is a complex of tanks, in which waste is collected with a concomitant trend of the soil. Otherwise easiest way may be Drain well with a pad of gravel. These devices are the most common and make it possible to equip the house sink, bathtub and toilet.

However, coupled with their simplicity, there are bad sides to use them. Read additional details here: Anne Chadwick. In particular this applies to a large perimeter of pollution. The above-described sewer for the cottage does not guarantee the neutralization of waste water, making waste go into the surrounding soil and in company with groundwater penetrate into the sources of water destined us. In addition, the sanitary-hygienic norms, within a few tens of meters from the building should not grow berry bushes and vegetables. Most Truckers on this absolutely do not think. Sewerage system to give also requires annual cleaning of fault tanks with special equipment, the call which will result in a definitive figure.

Today, against an ideal relationship price and quality of the most profitable method of complex decontamination wastes become septic. Their essence is a certain number of consecutive connected reservoirs, which is a preparatory splitting of the waste sludge and water. In what precipitated substances dissolve, and sinks are on the earth filter. It is here and is the final disposal of products in the airless environment. After the whole Events fluid may merge into some pit, or a natural pond. Sewerage system to give on the basis of septic tanks can be equipped and other details: septic tanks, diaphragms and other polymers. The construction will be entirely self-contained and economical. For her work does not require electrical power, as the transport effluent produced by the force of gravity, but by elementary unit the cost of construction would be acceptable. In circumstances where the nature of the site does not allow to perform complete set of gravity-flowing, sewage system for the home is equipped with specialized pumping apparatus. In general, the group of septic tanks facilitate all the complexity of recycling waste water, without affecting the adjacent areas, and soundly Projected design not only spoil adjacent to the home garden, but make it a stylish addition.

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