Repair … A repair was not. In general terms, the bare gray walls and pieces of linoleum on the floor, though the ceiling was impressive, it flaunted a huge poster with the image of palm trees and bright blue sea. In some places it come off the edge and hanging down, creating a feeling of sloshing waves. Well, the repair You can make the price comfortable, why not? And then there was a question that I had like that and never thought. Seller apartment was quite even and not the seller, and realtor. His name was Nicholas and he represented the agency property, whose name I for ethical reasons, there will not be called.

Nicholas said that if the apartment I like and I want to buy it, then the agency must make a $ 10 thousand Nicholas "as a confirmation of their serious about the apartment. " Frankly, I thought he was joking, well, he has such a sense of humor, spetsefichesky. No … Not joking. Explained that he called a "down payment" and that if I do not buy an apartment in a specified preliminary contract term, these same $ 10 thousand will remain flat from the seller as compensation. Then I decided it would be nice to you first meet with the seller apartment, but found out that I only see him on the deal on buying an apartment. As you know, I did not like it! With Nicholas I said goodbye, promising to think about, but at home, first called her friend, Galka.