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Home Heating Devices

Therefore, in such systems can be used safely only heavy and unsightly cast iron radiators, which are particularly resistant to extremes of temperature and oxygen. On a modern and efficient heating devices have to forget. The most common are systems with a circulating pump can use a pipe with a smaller cross section, and therefore, ultimately prove to be more "economical". In addition, as a rule, they closed, that is, they use the diaphragm expansion tanks in which the coolant is not contact with atmospheric air. This allows the diversity of modern space heaters – bimetal and aluminum radiators, steel panel and tubular heaters, finally, design radiators. However, and here the problem of dissolved oxygen and corrosion does not cease to be relevant.

If, on domestic regulations, the oxygen content in the coolant should be no more than 0,02 g / l, in practice and in the central systems, and autonomous (with intensive feeding of) this value is ten to twenty times more. It is therefore reasonable to use modern, corrosion-resistant pipes, for example, such as tubular steel radiator Charleston Pro (Development Zehnder) with a special internal anti-corrosion coating. "Pitfalls" Mounting As previously mentioned, assembly defects are manifested at once. Often "in place" they are difficult to observe even for an expert. Shortcomings declare themselves in the worst possible moment – during the heating season. They appear usually leak coolant and reducing power of the system, because of what housing does not get the right amount of heat. Major errors installers, for which then pays the customer, are fairly typical.

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Property Transactions

One of the key issues in the contract of deposit is "How much?" What should be the size of the deposit? Oddly enough, the exact rules but no one has yet figured out exactly how much to take interest on the amount of future transactions. Both parties may be interested in a larger and a smaller deposit. To decide, let's see someone that is interested. Under what conditions the seller or buyer interested in small and large deposit? The seller may be interested in a larger deposit, when the impending deal is especially beneficial for him. For example, when an object goes beyond the highest possible market price. It is worth noting that in the event of cancellation of the transaction by buyer, the seller is the amount paid, and it can reduce its size to the price of its object.

If the deposit was more than 10%, probably because falling in price, the object will sell very quickly. In a small deposit seller interested when there is hope for the preparation of documents necessary for the sale and purchase agreement, to find a buyer poschedree, in other words, if the pending deal does not seem to him arhivygodnoy. In Due to the fact that the deposit will have to return twice the amount, the seller must invest in new cost and expenses for this is not a pleasant effect. So if a deposit of 1-2%, then this would be not difficult. Buyer, in its same turn, gives a great advance in order to avoid a situation where the price someone interrupts. Assume a deposit of 10%. To kill this deposit, the new buyer has to bid more than 110% of original, because 110% – are not interested in the seller, because it loses the 10% top. By practice, the seller agrees to a new deposit, where his profit is 2% of the transaction and more.

Below 2% is not always sufficient to to persuade the seller to change his first customer. In a small deposit the buyer is interested, if not quite sure what the deal is forthcoming. For example, if he doubted his ability to pay tomorrow or when the market is overheated and by all indications is about to come falling market. So the buyer can not be sure that this is the best option for finding the something more profitable it is easier to give up already this deposit, if he was small. Yields the following conclusions: the larger the down payment, the more likely the transaction in the future, the more interested parties. The smaller size of the deposit, the less likely for future transactions. Optimal talk about the deposit at 10%. You can talk about and a smaller down payment, but if any party proposes to deal with the amount of the deposit agreement less than 5% then it is worth considering, and immediately begin to take action to find a possible replacement of the counterparty. Nothing is binding on deposit against the deal – this deposit is less than 2%. This happens unless formally, when the contract of sale is conducted in for a week and a half from the date of deposit. It goes without saying that a third party transactions – property – there will always be interested in the maximum possible deposit, since it guarantees the deal. It is also a realtor often requires a portion of their compensation after the deposit – one of the reasons are not always justified to insist on a large deposit.

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Housing Committee

And the third area of work that I want to designate – is raising the prestige and the overall level of professionalism Realtors. Today, unfortunately, often do not pass the deal through, but in spite of the professional level of the agent. I would like to see employees of all self-respecting company is constantly mindful of the fact that they act primarily all in the interest of the client, think about maintaining the prestige of the profession and that successfully carried out, quality deal for them would be the best recommendation. I do not welcome the holding of deals just to generate income. Income – It is a consequence, the reward for a job well done by the deal, but first you need to think about helping people. But this does not exclude the possibility that the realtor must know the value of their work and be able to properly explain the cost services. I spend training for agents and teach them to respect themselves and their profession to be able to explain its importance to consumers, because many seem to understand the value of their work, but when dealing with a client and can not tushuyutsya explain what they are doing, why you need to contact the company and not to the particular agent, why not work with multiple companies simultaneously.

– And as a customer who is going to buy a home with the help of grants and asked in any company, to understand how skilled the agent is in front of him? – Frankly, the man who is not himself a specialist, it would be difficult to understand how knowledgeable agent. So we can only advised to focus on the authority of the company, interested in her experience, membership in the Employees' Union. In any company it happens that when a client comes to complex with specific issues, they are not answers immediately. This fully applies to the issues of subsidies, because the program complex, changing conditions, all cases are different. It is important that the agent has no ready answer, was someone to ask. Serious company which is constantly engaged in such matters, is a lawyer-practitioner, who can advise the agent.

Thus, in our company all the time treated with a variety of issues, and we have to be in the subject. We visit themed activities, ask for some clarification from the Housing Committee. We try and maintain the competence of staff, and provide answers to questions from citizens. Read more …

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Realtors specially trained how to negotiate. Agent acts as an authority and an independent expert for the seller and buyer. Sellers usually overestimate the cost of selling the apartment, and only a realtor can properly assess the property. During the talks, it sets a fair price and favorable conditions for both legal storon.Proverka 'purity' is flat the most complex and important stage in the transaction. Independently verify the legality of selling the apartment will be very difficult.

This area requires special knowledge and experience, because the buyer can expect different trouble: the debt on utility bills, forged documents of ownership. In the future, candidates may appear to residential areas, which at one time illegally discharged from the apartment. The first thing to check the certificate of title to the apartment and all the title documents. This may be a contract of sale, barter, gift, share in the construction, etc. In a legal test 'purity' Apartment also includes steps to ascertain whether the seller itself any disease affecting the conclusion of the transaction, whether he has the legal capacity in full. Typically, buyers usually ignore this necessity.

In the future, the buyer may face further problems. For example, the purchased apartment could be made an unauthorized re-planning. About her recognizable by the red lines on the floor plan BTI. But This certificate is valid for one year after its issuance, for a time the landlord could easily make alterations, which did not immediately recognize. Subsequently, the need to legalize alterations, paying a fine, and in some cases, return the apartment to its former state under threat of residential sales at public auction.

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Mauger Cottage

The seller abo realtor tak podrobits z'yasuvati bude problematic adzhe h tsl – yakomoga shvidshe prodati budinok and susdi unlikely Chi schos prihovuvati choices will be, in yakscho mstechku problem s radstyu poskarzhatsya them. Trety time – nfrastruktura mstechka. In bagatoh sporudzhuvanih projects nfrastrukturn ob'kti buduyutsya to stop ergov, i plan on naychastshe budvnitstvu of abo nshogo ob'kta shaping can Buti zmnen. In vzhe pobudovanomu first inhabited mstechku nfrastruktura, yak usually vzhe ready, i can takozh otsniti. Takozh vazhlivy aspect – Tse mozhlivst buy Taqiy budinok on potets.

Zvichayno, mi do not take up uwagi sogodnshny day, if rinok kredituvannya Zhitlo, zamskogo Especially, factual moderate. Ale yakscho borrow up to uwagi chasi cobs fnansovo crisis, the pridbannya budinku on vtorinnomu rink – a bula Zeh h deyakih mozhlivostey pridbati zamske Zhitlo credit. By ty prosty prichin, scho right to vlasnost dlyanku th budinok already oformlen, ob'kt kredituvannya be 'hands pomatsati' i otsniti yogo, vdpovdno yogo can vikoristovuvati yak outpost. In bagatoh sporudzhuvanih cottage mstechkah tako mozhlivost dumb, banks wary zavzhdi bet up zamsko poteki. Viklyuchennyam can nazvati tlki Ti Selishchev, yak mayut s On request specific bank, abo budvnitstvo mstechka cottage is conducted to the Law of Ukraine vdpovdno 'Pro-fnansovo kreditn mehanzmi i upravlnnya Mine at budvnitstv Zhitlo that operatsyah neruhomstyu s', ale tak ob'kti rink on cottage mstechok can pererahuvati fingers. Now let's pogovorimo about pridbannya budinku in cottage mstechku, yak slit budutsya. Yak g perevagi pridbannya budinku in this mstechku. Schodo purchase budinku in sporudzhuvanomu mstechku, here less then plyusv, ale stink all the same .

On-Perche, in pokuptsya mozhlivst viboru budinku, vihodyachi z svoh perevag schodo plosch budinku th rozmru dlyanki. Krm of vibrato can mstse roztashuvannya samo dlyanki – at glibin Selishche abo blizhche to v'zdu on granits s lsom abo blya vodoymi. Takozh bagato zabudovnikv proponuyut on vibr klka tipv kotedzhv, rznih on arhtektur de pokupets Mauger vibirati svy to relish. Pdsumovuyuchi want skazati, scho bezsumnvno, one positive aspect fact scho pokupets Mauger kontrolyuvati process itself budvnitstva and bagato zabudovnikv navt dozvolyayut vnositi korektivi budinkv in the project. In eltnomu segment, yak usually zabudovnik proponu pokuptsev on vibr Velika klkst proektv budinkv, i can kozhen pdbrati budinok svy to relish. Napriklad have deyakih kolektsya perevischu 200 arhtekturnih proektv. Takozh yak i in poperednomu vipadku have pokuptsya mozhlivst viboru naytskavsho for nogo dlyanki on yaky bude pobudovany cottage. For bagatoh pokuptsv kotedzhv on pochatkovomu etap budvnitstva virshalnim factor in vibor budinku yogo vartst. It's no secret scho tsna on the cob on the first Zabudova zavershalnih etapah Mauger vdrznyatisya at Razi. Buy a cottage in Ivankovo

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