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You currently have a contract with the American Los Angeles Galaxy squad. 6 Roger Federer: although not passed his best moment in a tennis court, his financial situation is not a problem. Until now he leads gathered $ 43 million.16 In addition to his 29 years, the Swiss tennis Grand Slam. This former number one in the world has advertising contracts with Rolex, Nike, and Wilson, among other companies. 7. Lebron James: with 26 years, this American basketball adds lots of money in your checking account, but no title as champion of the NBA. Thanks to its onerous advertising contracts with Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Nike, among others, has been able to thicken your wallet until the 42.8 million dollars. 8 Manny Pacquiao: for some it is the better Boxer today.

He is 32 years old and has achieved revenue by $ 42 million. Only by fighting against Joshua Clottey and Miguel Cotto won $ 35 million.But his time not only occupies within a quadrilateral. Recently, took office as a new Congressman elected in the Philippines (a example of self-improvement). 9 Eli Mannig: holds the record of being the highest paid player in the American Football League (NFL), after signing a contract extension with the New York GiantsCon its 29 years, had income by 39.9 billion dollars, which will continue to rise after securing six years more in the team of the Big Apple. How much will you earn? 97 million dollars. 10 Terrell Sugs: linebacker, belonging to the Baltimore Ravens Football League added profits by 38.3 million dollars. In his position, Sugs has the poster of being the highest paid of all the League.And your wallet will grow, since you just renew his contract for six years more for some 63 million dollars. Original author and source of the article

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Barcelona Education Center

Those attending the gala solidarity magic that has organised Popular along with the Abracadabra Foundation could enjoy, in addition, the presence of the Los Angeles Lakers player. The champion of the NBA in 2009 and 2010 and Los angeles Lakers Pau Gasol player has been the guest surprise of the solidarity day of Banco Popular, which was held in Barcelona Saturday, June 23. With this gala, attended more than four hundred attendees among employees of the entity and their families, Banco Popular continued his solidarity work in the hands of the Abracadabra Foundation, who performed a magic function for attendees. Banco Popular collaborates with this non-profit association supporting the realization of functions of magic solidarity in hospitals, elderly homes and centres for people with disabilities. On this occasion, and thanks to this collaboration and support from the Bank, the Abracadabra Foundation has carried its solidarity magic special Concha Espina Barcelona Education Center students. The day Solidario Banco Popular was held at the sala Oriol Martorell from L Auditori de Barcelona, where messages and photos of Corporate Social responsibility initiatives developed by the Bank, in order to emphasize the solidarity commitment of the entity and to share activities to all attendees were exposed. Banco Popular,-in its support to persons with different capacities-, featured the special employment Atentis EEC Centre for the Organization of this event.

Leasing A Tanning Bed – A Perfect Choice !

Go to the beach and envy those beautiful bodies sporting the divine bronzed look for everyone to see. You want the look, but you can not afford a tanning bed. The same happens with the next best thing: Lease a tanning bed! The long-awaited tan you’ve imagined is closer than before. And the mantra that is doing all this work is only for renting a tanning bed. The starting point therefore is to answer the question: Why rent a tanning bed? And while there are many answers to this question, we will try to visit the most popular reasons for people opting to rent a tanning bed. At this point in time, is supposed to have used tanning business, we found that not a viable option for you either for cost reasons or for reasons of convenience. And at this point in time, just do not want to invest a large sum of money, maybe $ 1,000 or more in a team exclusively designed to give you a beautiful aspect. Renting a tanning bed, you must consciously allocate time and money for dividends.

By this we mean, having rented a tanning bed, you’re paying for every minute you feel in your room. And therefore be willing to dedicate their time to this end. Get ready to start using a tanning bed. Ask your tanning lotions, tanning bed pillows, tanning goggles ready with you before you go to rent a tanning bed. It is, of course, it helps to go through some comments tanning bed before you get to decide on the composition of a tanning bed lease. We suggest that you make your local tanning bed rooms starting point of your search. Scouts of the net to find sources of leasing a tanning bed is of course a great help in this effort. This new concept of time-sharing of the resources of tanning bed is all that is revolutionizing our world in the relentless pursuit of beauty. So go ahead and rent a bed.

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