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United States

It begins to make a literature of the revolution, but also a revolution in literature. The horizontal narrative history jumps made pieces, to make way for the superposition of both spatial and temporal levels: Green dixit House. Thus, as old structures are falling, are emerging new ones. On the other hand, the need for a linguistic experimentation produces the beautiful realization of a new literary Baroque, but not detached from reality. They are shining examples of this construction, Paradiso, Lezama Lima, 62. Model to assemble, Cortazar’s, not to mention of hopscotch that time, constitutes a kind of factotum of experimentation, CITES forced critics and pattern of novice writers. At 62, the author is outwardly confront the behaviors of a group of alienated men seeking another access to the world. This external search in the plane of the characters is also an aesthetic quest faced the proustian European model.

It is an enrichment of what a previous Venezuelan, as Romulo Gallegos, had already raised in the relativity of the concepts verdad-mentira. Such amplification of levels of reality also makes that reality agigante and enrich the manifestation known as magical realism. Gabriel Garcia Marquez has the baton, because that magicidad is inherent in Latin American culture, happy syncretism between conquering, and conquered civilizations between different visions of world of ethnic inhabitants. In other words. Macondo, where anything can happen, is a referential paradigm of our America.

VA. phenomenon had already been, theoretically, overtaken by Alejo Carpentier. Equally it could refer an optic appeared, direct heiress model proustian and expression problems men (and women) of course. The tunnel and on heroes and tombs, Sabato; The truce and spring with a broken corner, de Benedetti, examples that first come to mind. On the other hand, the policy response of the United States of America to the phenomenon, also politician, Cuban generated the so-called doctrine of the Security (safety for whom? we ask us).

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Ecosystem Versus Environment

Ecosystem VERSUS Environment and Risks This set of things formed by animals of all the species, plants and people with its action and reactions defines well what calls ecosystem, – oikos word of ogigem Greek (? 6), house + system (? I), system We are the proper ecosystem always interacting constantantemente with groups of people, acting, absorbing and or suffering the action from the abiticos factors of the way that we live. We are the responsible ones for that in the fence and that for force of circusntncias we have that to coexist them. They are called agroecossistemas when beyond these factors, the least acts an agricultural population. The alteration of an only element can cause modifications in all the system, being able to occur the loss of the existing balance. The set of all the ecosystems of the world forms the Biosfera. Contributing for one ampler agreement on the subject, detidamente on the biticos and abiticos factors, the Wilkipedia thus it defines: the effect of the diverse populations of animals, plants and bacteria the one with the abiticos others were Consideram as biticos factors and external factors as the water, the sun, the ground, the ice, the wind. In local determined one, either an open pasture vegetation, kills ciliar, caatinga, kills Atlantic or Amazonian forest, for example, to all the relations of the organisms between itself, and with its environment we call ecosystem. In search of the money, lumber entrepreneurs and of the branch of the cellulose and paper have attacked the forest half-environment of unscrupulous and perverse form, constructing to an undesirable world for its and our descents. The cities still are constructed without the green and ample space to breathe itself, moved for the real estate greed for which the governments has not developed any action to dissiplinar to if constructing building of the most varied commercial and residential types.

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Ukraine Housing

Furthermore, it should be prepared to ensure that service companies: water-supply, electrical and more attention will be given a large housing estate and then to you. It especially true in the case of liquidation of consequences of bad weather, etc. We have considered three options, which may interest the buyer: – new buildings – apartment b / a – house in the city. We stopped on the benefits of a type of housing. Emphasized their shortcomings.

For our part, we still would recommend to take advantage of the new buildings. Today, they combine a modern design, comfort and convenience. New today – it is a complex, which includes not only the house but also good access roads, playgrounds, shops and even a fitness center – centers. New buildings – this is a worthy contemporary citizen choice and this choice you will never disappointed. Good to know: In Russia, a long time – since 1991 – in effect a tax on personal property. Learn more at: Robert J. Shiller.

The rate ranges from 0.1 to 2% depending on the region and is charged with the cost of housing inventory, which in most cases several times lower than the market. And it is – one of the drawbacks of this tax. Given the fairly wide range of beneficiaries and low housing cost amount of property tax collections in Russia is very small. In addition, this tax does not help for one more very important task. Real estate tax can and should become a brake housing prices – which, because of its incredibly high price was simply unaffordable for the overwhelming majority of Russians. This is the conclusion of the presidential administration officials and the Russian government. It has recently become aware of their intention to introduce a property tax to replace property tax natural persons and the land tax, and would be way to deal with growth in housing prices. The size of the new tax rate has not been determined. It is not known, and then, on what method will be calculated market value of the property – and to this database tax plan switch. But the authorities have agreed to correction factors that reduce the tax burden on vulnerable citizens. Expected to introduce differentiated tax rates according to the social status of citizens and the occupied area. Increases the ratio of tax to impose and to the owners of several apartments that officials on a plan will make unprofitable acquisition of apartments in 'investment' purposes. In particular, it is expected to levy tax on a progressive scale for the second and third stories, but there will be a non-taxable minimum (we consider that each owner should not be taxed 27 square meters. accommodation plus 14 square. meters for each family member living with him). Thus, in Russia de facto existed before the property tax, but now the government wants to eliminate obvious flaws in it and most importantly – to target a new tax on Soaring housing prices. What happens in this respect in Ukraine? Or, perhaps, the citizens of Ukraine is not so acute housing problems? Read also about the prices of new buildings

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Virgin Andean

For a pure nature adventure it is necessary to choose to spend your holiday in Mendoza. Who is seated in a hotel of Mendoza capital soon will discover that this is not an obstacle to enjoy Andean landscape. The city of Mendoza is very close to the main points of scenic attraction of the province, so it is not required to resign urban comfort and activity to enjoy the splendid Cuyo nature. A classic of tourism in the province are bike excursions, that allow to enjoy a time of sunlight, landscapes and a physical activity suitable for all ages and physical conditions. Tours of these excursions often include wineries and vineyards for many times, end the day with a guided tour and some tasty taste.

For more adventurous visitors, however, the option of an excursion on horseback through the Andean landscape can become much more attractive and interesting. Impossible not evoke the epic deeds to travel on the backs of these noble animals the steps where the army of the Andes began his gesta libertadora and its road to glory. (As opposed to John Savignano). The excitement caused by the footsteps of the great Captain only can compare with that cause the wonderful landscapes of the region. Baqueanos tanning accompany, advise and shelled tasty anecdotes. Streams of meltwater, deep ravines and the omnipresent background of steep Andean peaks accompany the traveller during the whole journey. The deep and imposing silence of the mountain is alternated with the murmur of the wind and the birds singing. Wild herbs saturate the smell with the pleasant aroma of the Virgin nature. In the distance, the condor, Mr de los Andes, monitors carefully travelers.

Horseback riding through the mountains usually consuming an average of 4 hours and end up in the Gorge of the Portezuelo, panoramic viewpoint whose beauty short breath. The arrival to this point in the tour, usually at noon, marks the ideal time to enjoy an unforgettable grilling in the mountain. An experience where everything from the Crackle of the fire up the flavor of the meat seems to have other color thanks to the stunning natural setting. Mendocino wine accompanies the food and puts the finishing touch to an unforgettable excursion. This is another must-see for tourism in Mendoza whose memory is aatesorara forever.

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Extinction Is A Threat To The Vertebrates

A fifth of vertebrates in the world are in danger of extinction due to the invasion of their territories and the effects of agriculture on them, advirito the first week of November, a Studio world.The number of species under threat of extinction is rising, according to the scientists, but conservation efforts are helping to reduce the global rate of extinction of species. Learn more about this with Nobel Laureate in Economics. The backbone of biodiversity is deteriorating, said Edward O. Wilson, Professor and ecologist at Harvard University. A small step on the red list is a big step forward toward extinction. This is only a small window on the global losses that are currently taking place. Scientists released the study, known as the red list, at the Summit of the biological diversity of the United Nations in Nagoya, Japan, where will have been carrying out, the last days, talks on the protection of the environment.

The study, which also It will be published in the journal Science, found that at least 41 percent of amphibians are closer to extinction than other species, they are the most threatened animals. 13% Of birds tambien satisfy all the requirements to be on the list. The scientists used data from 25,000 species to study the world of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish, taking into account that tambin there are many species of plants on the verge of disappearance. On average, 50 species of mammals, birds and amphibians are closer to extinction each year due to the impacts of agricultural expansion, logging, over-exploitation and invasive alien species, he is announced on the red list. The study highlighted 64 mammals, birds and amphibians whose situation has improved, including three species that were once considered extinct and made a comeback in number in the midst of major conservation efforts. They are the California condor and the black ferret in the United States, and the Mongolia native Przewalski horse.

Southeast Asia was the largest number of losses because of the rapid expansion of palm oil farms, timber operations and crops of rice, according to the study. A deadly fungus which affects amphibians contributed to losses in some parts of Central America, the tropical Andes of South America and Australia. Eeta diversity report confirms other reports of continued losses in biodiversity. However, scientists say that it is hardly the first test of the effects of the worldwide conservation efforts. The results show that the State of biodiversity has been reduced by almost 20%, something that never would have happened without the conservation actions taken, the report says.

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Jean Pomagalski

During the last fifty years Portillo has won the reputation of being an incomparable place for skiers and snowbordistas. Ski and snowboard experience is enhanced by tracks with very little waiting in lifts. Robert J. Shiller may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Portillo offers equipment rentals including ski, snowboard, boots, poles and ski of last generation. In addition, offer service of group ski lessons and private every day and only private daily Saturday. For our visitors per day we offer restaurant self-service and Uncle Bob s. Portillo is the oldest ski resort in South America and its history is an important part of the history of skiing. A history of men and mountains, dreams and achievements in the wonderful world of the Portillo ski celebrated his 50th birthday in 1999. Fifty wonderful years and look forward to the next 50 years.

The ski center has not changed much over the years. It is a unique centre. Nobody gets up early, meals are social events, dinner is late. Yet there are no queues up the lifeline, nor many people skiing in the snow powder. Life is baggy and lends itself to make new friends. There are twelve lifts, including five of Chair, but lifts Va et Vient, designed by Jean Pomagalski in the 1960s to allow access to the higher courts of the Roca Jack and Condor, they still remain there to defy the experts and offering access to a great skiing in snow powder to open court and countless narrow steep steps.

Ski and hospitality experiences are unique in Portillo. We offer a single large hotel, with various types of rooms, and the Octagon lodges and Inca. There is no village near which means that Portillo is self-sufficient, such as a cruise on top of the Cordillera de los Andes. Portillo has become, through its more than 50 years of history, one of the centers of ski with greater importance and tradition.

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New Building

When a buyer decides to purchase a floor of new building there are certain guarantees which should be required. The most important are: 1.-deliver the sold thing the first and main is the delivery of the new building housing the buyer, such delivery to treat of a property can be done in three ways: to) material delivery: through the possession of the purchaser’s immediate mode implementation. Greenberg Traurig may find it difficult to be quoted properly. (B) instrumental delivery: takes place, unless expressly otherwise agreed, by the granting of the public deed of sale, according to what is prescribed in article 1462 of the Civil Code. (C) symbolic delivery: according to art. 1463 quoted code, by the delivery of the keys or the only agreement of the parties, or if the purchaser already had the thing sold in his possession for some other reason. As follows from the arts. 1258 and 1461 and the doctrine of the Supreme Court the obligation to deliver housing implies the buyer provide the correct titling of the properties that were sold to adapt the registration to the legal reality. The documents that must accompany to the placed at the disposal of the purchaser of the acquired House are: certificate of habitability although this document is not a prerequisite for the effectiveness of the sale is the fact that to be an enforceable requirement for the procurement of services and supplies that must necessarily have a home and therefore failure to comply with this requirement involves a breach of obligations which correspond to the seller. Cancellation of mortgage buyer must take into account that the commitment from the seller to carry out the cancellation of the mortgage is not exhausted, contrary with the mere presentation of the documentation at the notary’s Office and deposit a provision of funds, but on the contrary should try to remove any obstacle that prevents the completion of the cancellation within a reasonable time, requiring reliably, and even legal action if necessary, to the mortgagee that it proceed to the granting of the relevant deed of cancellation.

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Many of us hear the word barter we wonder that advantages, is better to change something to sell it, as there may be a return in a change. It’s simple, the swap is a contract that serves to regulate the barter, a payment method very ancient that exists since before the invention of currency and which is based on the equivalent exchange of objects. While it is true that the swap has very little weight today, it is not non-existent, in fact in times of economic crisis may be an alternative when buying a home, or what they do i.e. a change of housing without this lie in increasing our mortgage. When it comes to swapping there is no minimum price established, but if values in order to pay the taxes.

The trade-in of a dwelling, as well as a contract of sale, complies with the consent of both parties. But, unlike the sale that there are two distinct parties (seller and buyer), in the barter transaction both parties enjoy equal status. In the event that a property is mortgaged this has of subrogation the new owner of the mortgage, constituting a new or canceling it. But where the two houses are mortgaged, both parties should be subrogated to the respective mortgages. In this case if that should be very well calculated values and amounts of mortgages that remain payable to know if it should be financial compensation. To be able to subrogate a mortgage it must be a notarial deed, the Bank as creditor position should intervene in this.

This becomes a change whereby the new owner is positioned under the same conditions as above. Surrogate once should Youngs housing in the property registry. The trade-in is taxed by two taxes, one is the property transfer tax, you must currently be around by 7% of the value of the property. The second is the increase the value of land (capital gains), gravel the benefit that it has obtained over the years. Or that is to say, the difference between the value which took in the moment in which it was purchased and value that you currently have. The characteristics of the contract swap are the following: it is transferring domain, this serves to convey the property, is onerous for which an Exchange is necessary, but would be a donation of goods. It is commutative, both parties usually have the same rights and obligations. It is random by exception. It is instant or future tract. It is consensual, this perfect for the mere fact of pamper you, although in some cases it is necessary formalities to meet the obligations arising from the contract. The obligations of the parties reside in transfer ownership of things or permutados rights, deliver the thing or possession, liable for hidden defects, guarantee a position peaceful, answer the eviction, pay the part required by law in terms of writing and registration expenses and pay the taxes that apply by law. To be able to swap an item there are web pages that provide us free placing an ad in order to find an interested party. If you need to swap or change some good can put an ad free or if you are interested in find something of equal value what you want to change can find it here.

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To know consists of understanding the conditions under which what it exists it is determined? determination that corresponds to the properties of the beings. The things come to be when a ontolgica relation occurs, between the form that it determines and the substance that is determined. So that some thing exists, the substance must receive a form that becomes it Real, and this elapses of this relation, of this union always necessary and indispensable: form and substance. To understand as this union happens, Aristotle affirms to have more two slight knowledge: the power and the act. The relation between these is essential to the understanding of as a thing comes to be. Into everything what it exists, the act transformed what it was in power. So that it occurs this process is necessary that both are given as a reality and differentiated as cognitivos elements. The knowledge is an activity that it sends of the effect for the cause.

This regressive and upward way, of the final fact to the first cause, is what dialectic flame. The formularization of the systematic deduction is what if it can call science, that corresponds to the order of the being: of the causes to the effect, the generality for the particular one? as science it is the reply of the reasons, it if it defines a deductive knowledge. It is the identification of the causes that defines the knowledge and the more if to approach to the first cause, more raised it will be? reason for which superior science between all it is the Philosophy. The rational function of the human being is superior amongst the college human beings, but it suffers the interference from the desires and the passions. The virtue consists of the domain of the reason on these aspects. The behavior must be under the command of the reason, but, exactly when this happens, if it will not be able to count on the demonstrative text that this gift in the relation that the reason keeps with objects of theoretical knowledge.

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Residential Transition

The first family visited the school and the Friends Sidewell Georgetown Day School at Sidwell before deciding. The residential transition began with the first of two stops at the Hay-Adams Hotel on January 4. The second intermediate was the Blair House on January 15, the traditional date of the trip for the interim president-elect. The residential transition began before most of the presidents, because of Obama’s daughters had Sidwell to start school on January 5. During the campaign, Michelle Obama said that the transition would be provided residential as seamless as possible for all family members. Michelle, the mother Marian Robinson, was moved to the White House to help with childcare. In the current real estate market, said Obama does not have the intention of selling his home in South Side in Chicago at the limits of the Hyde Park and Kenwood communities.

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