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Apu Iroz My Healer

With my close shave step I stopped in the juvenile Iroz Apu, there where my Tata took the water that would cure my eyes which endlessly desangraban. Everyone followed me, everyone. All those brothers who were studying with me the master of education. I stopped by the respect of having been the Apu which gave me the new view, which would look differently life with my eyes of the spirit to the world in which I’m living. Everyone rose and astonished by the clouds that roamed all the space that us distance with the apus of the cordillera blanca, as the huascaran and the champara. I said: as we would like to be in those clouds that seem to cotton pillows?.

That beautiful is this landscape. All detainees were quietly passing clouds, some took up arms to capture energy that the Apu Gran of the Sapa Inka Mitma left them as a gift for joining him on this great crusade to rescue his essence who venia of the great pacha mama. Sure they are with their origins. Saw the Majesty of the apu that dominates all the great cordillera Blanca with their best veils occurs and the clouds us indicate where found. Little by little it was cleared and we begin to see the Valley forming the yacumama in the Huaychaca, as she alone is going to twin up to the Sanyac or Santa as they called the westernized. All sit down and holding hands could see as he was healing his friend Tupac Isaac, when he was born, he did so with the bleeding eyes. His father is frightened, but big brother knowing everything that was in the keel Hirca apu, mentioned you is his destiny as Sapa Inka, heir to the great Pachakuti and the Lord of the condor, only carry water from the Apu Iroz puquios and if the wants will heal it.

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My Characters Of The Twentieth Century

I agree with the thesis of Antonio Caballero: is neither fair nor seriously that all evaluations on the character of the century, end up turning around Presidents or politicians! So between my characters of the 20th century there will be very few belonging to those genres. In Colombia the woman of the century, definitely, I think it is Maria Cano. She was the embodiment of leadership, the idealism and the feeling. Paisa, of course, although he was born at the end of the century passed (August 12, 1887), unforgettable of his life spent in this century. It paved the way for all women in the country, in all fields. I dare say that the history of Colombia, from the gender perspective, is divided into before it and after it. Work flower, as they named it the “antioquenos” workers, stood out in the world of social struggle, in the field of oratory and the universe of the intelligentsia.

While in 1930 it was expelled from the PC by being too intellectual! Maria Cano has been and will be for a long time the most important woman in our history. Colombian man of the century has no discussion. It is our only Nobel Prize Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Gabo, has simply invented a magical reality that managed petrifying the emaciated and wonderful stories of a country called Colombia, or what is the same, Macondo. His genius is so different that it does not give opportunity to make a comparison with any other writer. Her figure is always wrapped in a halo of mysticism, tropics, Equatorial rarities and symbols with the same meaning as the cuneiform writing, before Champolion. His work, translated into a lot of languages and languages is a spectacular legacy of Colombia for the world. On the other hand, Fidel Castro, intimate friend of Gabo, has been the most prominent figure of this century in Latin America.

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– Expensive? – Inspector caught with humor. Fuel Do not listen to anyone and do not you carry petrol! A-92 in Kolomna is 7.80, and in the Tula region – just 7.40. Even in Anapa fuel costs 7 rubles 30 kopecks per liter. A gas station – across the road. Where to stay? In no If not ask this question a taxi driver! If you do not profit under its own power, then at the station to be sure you fit a taxi driver. And prikipit with terrible force, and consequences. That is nice driver will take you not only take but also lodge. Take care until the end of the holiday.

Not from the simplicity of his heart. If without the services of a room would cost you 80 rubles per person per night, then his labor costs – 120, because the taxi drivers take to the owners of housing for the delivery of potential their leisure interests. With the local taxi drivers unnecessarily better not to communicate. The question of where you can dine, he will call you to the farthest cafe and leave my phone to periodically earn your trips 'chew'. The fact that the cafe around the corner and fed better than much cheaper, you'll find a few days Even the first time hitting a resort town, you find yourself, where to stay, because surrender everything that is not moving. Prices are rising as it approaches home to the sea. Fee varies from 50 to 600 rubles per person per day.

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Adjustable Expenditure and Total Income

SEVENTH STEP Reduce the interest rate on its debt face and Save The next step is to analyze the concept of expensive debt. ” The consumer debt interest is subject to double or triple the market average interest. Directly or indirectly, in their card balances or overdraft fees are paying 2% to 8% and credit of your vehicle may be paying between 8% and 2% annually. If you can refinance all of its debt ahead of a rate on the order of 6% and to eliminate the outstanding balance on their cards would substantially modify its budget. Furthermore, if we changed the total period of payment of such debt (now the short term) and administered in a longer period, it will be reduced to a monthly fee pogo significant. Then we will see BMC, but I can overtake the entire outstanding balance of credit cards, car share and other “expensive debt, adequately restructured with a more benevolent bank rate (around 6%) and in a timely manner, it would cost no more than 30% of your current monthly payment. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Savignano. Reorganizing its “debt-face could be your new template as follows: Current New Concept Amount Total Amount” expensive debt “Fee 65 650 670 670 mortgage Unavoidable expenditure spending 780 780 650 520 Adjustable Total Expenditure 2750 2,035 SEVENTH STEP If you take the trouble to do the math, you see that between what PAY TODAY (2750 in the example) and could pay ( 2,035), the difference is 715 …

We’re almost at 30% we intend to start. We still have the last change and this will rise slightly to restructure the mortgage payments to suit their new – and healthy – financial policy. In the example, the balance of 98,000 outstanding on the mortgage, with the total adjusted balance of the “expensive debt,” he would reduce the amount of the monthly price you pay. Your new template should be as follows: Current New Concept Amount Total Amount “expensive debt” Fee 65 650 670 593 mortgage Unavoidable expenditure spending 780 780 650 520 Adjustable Total costs 2,750 1,958 is important that this exercise will do with your actual numbers. This is just one example, based on average figures, but not necessarily equal to you. Then see how, but I can overtake that for an economy such as that of the entire outstanding balance of credit cards, car share and other “expensive debt, adequately restructured with a more benevolent bank rate (around 6%) and in a timely manner, we cost no more than 10% of your current monthly payment. But thanks to this simple strategy, you can now find the following picture of monthly payments: Yes, using proper financial planning, you can release almost 0% of their monthly income!

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Cheap Home

Most cost-effective foundation for building a country house is today the foundation for technology tise.Vid foundation-pile with a monolithic reinforced concrete grillage. The main difference from the piles tise conventional piles is an extension at the bottom of his chasti.Eto created by the special design of the drill, through which piles and drilled svai.Ushirenie bottom prevents heaving soils in winter push them up. The piles are reinforced and filled betonom.Posle this put shuttering and poured monolithic rostverk.Shag piles, the scheme of reinforcement of piles and grillage is calculated for each house to individual sheme.Rashod concrete per pile-0, 12 cubic meters Pile has a large carrying capacity (10 tons). An additional advantage of such piles before it is customary to leave a foundation for the winter. The usual pile to load (build a box at home), so it is not pushed by frost, even if the pile and laid below the freezing depth. If we take the house project size in terms of 9h9m with one interior load-bearing wall, you will need to fill in 35 piles in increments of 1.5 m, which will take 4.2 cubic meters betona.Na grillage with section 400h400mm will take another 7.2 cubic betona.Itogo -11.4 cubic meters of concrete. At the same strip foundations will take about 25 cubic meters of concrete, plus excavation, plus accessories. There is a considerable saving both time and deneg. construction company When Anthony began to dabble in the performing folk music on guitar, always rodeo of older people in that age. The members of this ensemble were older than he, and the age difference was more than 20 years. This means that Antonio at 25 years old guitarist playing with more than 40.

At times they traveled with the singers of the capital, chanting as stellar in the said place. The artistic presentation unfolded as follows: on display were the days Friday and Saturday from 21:00 to 3:00 in the morning. Six hours of show, interspersed with dance music album, from moment to moment. The artists presented were two of the capital, a star and a less known, and three of the place. To travel to the city, the musicians had to leave on Friday morning, arriving at night. They sat in the hotel and on the fly is ready to work. After the presentation is retiring. The next day they took breakfast at the local, later had lunch in the same place, and after dinner, again (ie Saturday), starting the show.

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Human Resources

Traditionally the planning associated with the human resources function rested on the anticipation of templates, either by ensuring the necessary staff to jump-start production plans, either by the budget of expenditure which represent their wages. When can we say that human resources planning is strategic? When is added to quantitative planning of resources its qualitative dimension, that is, powers that the members of the Organization must have to achieve the objectives pursued. In this way, the apex strategic organization to contemplate the problems of human capital within business strategies comes with greater reliability in the pursuit of the objectives. Should the strategic human resources plan aspects include? The feasibility of counting with payroll quantitative, and qualitative (skills) required to achieve business objectives. Internal, external and the gap analysis (actual situation desired situation vs.) The most appropriate organizational structure (organizational roles, grouping of activities, design of posts, workloads). Profiles by competition for every job and measurement systems of competencies in human resources processes. The desired culture (patterns of behaviour accepted and desired by the Organization). (Where recruit), acquisition strategies development (in that train), (reward) activation or inhibition (to punish) competencies.

Functional plans which deployed strategies. The Board of Control to validate the success or failure of the designed strategies. I would like to hear your opinions and experiences regarding the strategic planning of human resources. Invite those who are interested in this topic to take a look in the next release.

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