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United States

However, where will invest when this tax to arrive 1% at the year, or less, as occurred with the United States? It can delay one hundred years, I do not know, but a thing is certain, has that to be prepared! It is of easy perception that in last the two decades had one ' ' salto' ' technological very great. With this, they will go to appear and more forms more to invest in easy and practical way. The information each time will arrive more quickly until us. Although the economic crises, the people are starting to understand that everything is inside of a cyclical context, where it has low or a retraction in the economy for, later, to come a consolidation movement resulting in the development. The year of 2008, with the crisis of U.S.A., finished very leaving a negative mark in the economy.

However, it is important to remember the great growth that had of 2000 the 2008, therefore if forgetting, really the only thing if remembering will be ' ' terrible crisis of the Bolsa' '. If all we remembered that around five in five years it has a movement of this magnitude in the market we would not have been so surpresos. But, for the opposite, the people were blind, believing a moved growth the debts and leverage of the people and the banks, completely fictitious. The people conveyed by mortgage its houses to consume each time more and the banks were full of headings ' ' podres' ' that they were ballasted in property of people who did not have conditions to honor its mortgages. He is valid to mention that diverse ways of if investing of diversified form exist and insurance to run lesser risks at moments of fragile economy and that they are to the disposal of any investor, described in books, Internet and in the financial institutions. According to studies of the great majority of the analysts of stock market, the global growth is in trend of high and is time question until speeding up again. Of this form, it remains to have attention and knowledge in relation to the market to invest of intelligent and sustainable form, since each time plus this will be part of our lives, as much in personal scope as professional. Therefore, in case that still it is felt desconfortvel in investing or finding that some barrier for in such a way exists, is enough to look a specialist in a financial institution or to search in literatures each time more information. one remembers, invests in knowledge!

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Modern Housing

Cosy atmosphere in the house, the smell of wood, soft wood matt Although the current market offers a lot of quality and affordable decorative materials, natural wood and its products remain the most favorable in many respects material. Whatever, nice interior itself is not surrounded by modern man, he still instinctively reaches closer to nature. Particularly appropriate interior of the tree country houses, cottages and country houses. Simple at first glance lining of lime or pine can give home eye ease and comfort. Lining and block-house, is not difficult to install and does not elaborate on the form, if properly application perfectly suited to enhance the walls of a city apartment, recalling the boards of the old house. Some defects of the tree on the canvas walls, in the form of knots, uneven color and roughness only give a special flavor and naturalness of the surroundings.

Previously, it was decided to paint the walls in wood paints and varnishes. Of course, you can paint the walls of the lining, such as varnish. However, the better to preserve the natural warm and vibrant color of the wood. K Moreover, raw lacquer wood into the air volatiles – volatile, which purify the air from pathogens and give it a subtle scent of a living tree. The walls of the lining in today's domeYantarnye shades of wood in the finishing room to relax, hallway, balcony or corridor, quiet patterns on its surface is perfectly calm the nervous system and are beneficial to health. The walls are covered clapboard wood perfectly quenched with acoustic vibrations by absorbing the noise. Wood retains heat well.

Using a block Hausa and Lining along with skirting of wood, use Reiki and other molded products give limitless possibilities in interior design living rooms and buildings. Beautiful and sophisticated look at the background wall of trees of various forged products – furniture. Well together – wood, steel, wood and natural fabric, plastic and other synthetic materials can be successfully combined with proper selection of shapes and colors. A modern appliances on the background wall collected from the block-house or combined Lining great in spite of the apparent incompatibility. Wood is always a place in a comfortable and prosperous home. If your intention is to make repairs, alterations to his apartment building a vacation home, take a look closer to the finishing materials of wood. In what place a person lives, breathes, and what he sees around him, is not the last value for their health, emotional comfort and quality of life.

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Economic Motivations

1 .- Economic Motivations. The most common need for money to survive, we want money. Example: Felipe wants money to support his family and wants any job, once you get it and can pay its debts, and look for something better. If you can … 2 .- Motivations of Independence. Possibility of keeping oneself. Example: Claudia does not want to be dependent on their parents, as they give a "shipment" monthly must conform to all rules imposed on it, simply look for a job to be independent, live alone and thus could potentially improve their family relationships .

3 .- Reasons for economic improvement. Improving wages. Example: Renzo working in a laboratory, is the best seller, knows that is likely to apply for another similar company where the sales reps earn more, then send your CV with a friend. 4 .- Reasons for Professional Development. Work in an organization that can be promoted or experience a successful career development. Example: Jessica's worked at the Mario, he had two years in the same position, you hear that the Hotel neighbor (also five stars), the staff was trained and could apply for internal calls, were more likely to progress, and so sent your resume to Human Resources and after a month was called to interview.

He is currently Head of Section. 5 .- Grounds for Temporary Labor. Working for a certain period of time until you find the ideal job or complete their studies. Example: Melisa was in the final year of Communication Sciences, wanted to study English but his parents could not afford this spirit, reason ran a department store, currently working as a saleswoman at half time and study English. 6 .- Grounds for a Better organizational climate. Improve interaction and work environment. Example: Joaquin feels underappreciated by his boss, he does not give a good deal, is very tight and it has caught up to fear, therefore, every weekend five resumes sent some notices in the newspapers and order also applies for other companies they would like to work. "I can not stand anymore." 7 .- motivation to improve job conditions. Tempt conditions under which we are most satisfied. Example: Daniel, lives in Lurin, every day you wake up at five in the morning in order to arrive on time window, just on the other cone of Lima, Peru, would like to work in one of the 50 companies remaining in the Lurin Trapezium. 6.8 .- Motivation Enlarge Relations. Develop a life of social relationships in a given space. Example: Maria Dolores gets a job offer from the Chamber of Commerce, are paid poorly, however, the position allows for extensive interaction with other companies, so I chose to take it, learn to interact with employers know they are and some day be able to work directly with them. And after reading this short article. A What motivates you to seek employment? . Keep in mind that it may be a question of the interview with a prospective employer. Web

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the lender

Sale and discounted loss: It is possible that before initiating the foreclosure proceeding, the lender that manages your mortgage allowed to sell their home on their own and agreed to write off the difference between the sale price and the balance of your mortgage. Through this option, you can avoid the entry of a foreclosure on your credit report that harms your credit rating. You may have to take over the payment of taxes levied on the amount of their debt forgiven. For more information, consider consulting a financial adviser, accountant or lawyer. Deed in lieu of foreclosure: In this option, you will voluntarily transfer title of ownership to the lender that manages your mortgage (with the agreement of the entity) in exchange for the cancellation of the balance of its debt.

Even if you lose your house, the option deed your property to the lender instead of running it may be less damaging to your credit score. You will lose the amount of whatever is capitalized as amortization of the mortgage on your property and you may have to bear the taxes levied on the amount of their debt forgiven. It may be that the option of writing in lieu of foreclosure is not an option in your case if you have any other loan or financial commitment secured by your property.

You do not have to go through the process of foreclosure prevention alone. A counselor who works at a counseling agency in housing issues can assess your situation, answer your questions, discuss your options, prioritize your debts and help you prepare for discussions with the lender.

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National Natural Landmarks

Vinales is always a place worth visiting. Day and night always invites contemplation and rest. It is a unique place in Cuba. Not so the area holds awards that attest to this. A late de1970 Vinales Valley, the Great Cavern of Santo Tomas and a curious kind of plant that has survived since the era of the great dinosaurs and living near Vinales Cuba declared by National Natural Landmarks. In 1999 the Heritage Commission of UNESCO awarded the Valle de Vinales the category of Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And in 2001 the hillocks that form throughout the Northern Valley and others cited above were found near Vinales National Park. There is therefore every reason to visit Vinales.

So the first thing you should think about is where to stay and then what to do in Vinales. As for accommodation there are two different geographical sites where this can be achieved: the valley of Vinales and San Vicente. The former has more options because in the same the town of Vinales is more than 100 houses, two hotels and a camping, while the second only one hotel. Both places are excellent from every point of view. Let the Valley of Vinales. It is actually a limited set of small valleys on the north by a chain of limestone hills composed of hummocks, whereas the south lies a series of hills composed of rocks with abundant shale and slate, while in his background small mountains and hills rising in isolation. Small rivers, little volume, flow northward and meet in a single stream, which is called Palmarito River.

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Real Estate Market Report Munich 2010 Year

Munich market for residential real estate presented 2010 stable with rising prices and for many years the real estate prices in Munich are revenues the highest German compared. Although only the first 9 months of 2010 are evaluated, you can already say that 2010 was a record year. Prices: The land prices attracted General clearly, particularly in good and very good residential areas. New semi-detached were used on sale at 540.000,-, they cost an average of 485.000,-. Additional information is available at The LeFrak Organization. New houses of rows of were being sold for 440.000,-(+ 5%), they were 370.000,-in the resale.

Houses of rows of obtained inventory objects (REH) 430.000,-, new 490.000,-(+ 5%). New construction condo sold m in the Middle for 4.000,-per m, stock flats made it m (+ 3%) in good residential areas on average on 2.900,-per m. Seen it used more condos, so results from simple residential value a Price / m of 1.750,-; the average housing value 2.200,-; good housing value 2.890,-; very good housing value 3.980,-. Sales and sales: Land sales as many sales were made, as in the previous year. However, the plots were larger, what sales also increased. In multi-storey housing market was booming and there were 42% more land sales as in 2009.

Homes (single-family/DHH/RH) there were 7% less sales 6% more money sales. The sales number of the rental houses fell by 7%, while the take-up by approximately 50%. This was because that 2009 some large housing estates were sold. Rushed the condo sales to a new record and reached a best fit with 9.665 sales, 3% in the previous year. 2,870 sales were flats in new building in the first nine months of the year. Money (accumulation of all sales proceeds) of condominiums revenues % over the previous year with over 2 billion euros 4. These are as I said only the provisional figures for and without guarantee. Usually get the statistical values for the entire year (January to December) 2010 out in early May. The above figures however show that the Munich real estate market is healthy and that it now can be worthwhile for one or the other for sale, – just because prices are no longer as good as for years. * Sources: Expert Committee Munich real estate market report 1-3 quarter of 2010; IVD-residential price levels 2010/2011; We are not liable for the accuracy of the information. Contact: Rainer Fischer real estate Red Cross course 2a 80634 Munich telephone 089 131320 fax 089 133424 email: Homepage: professional supervisory authority: Kreisverwaltungsreferat 80466 Munich VAT-ident.-No.: DE177578786 Chamber: IHK Munich contact for the press: Rainer Fischer of Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since Over 700 homes, condos were existence and gives land to solvent buyers. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on five different websites and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week. According to a survey carried out at the customer in writing, the existing customers appreciate the existing properties fast, friendly and professional”in this brokerage firm the most.

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The Apartment

A short film about Munich’s new property residential complex “Obermenzing Betzenweg” who is interested in a new apartment, which exists only on paper, knows this situation: one wonders from really my future apartment, what about? What residential feel they and how could my life be here? Floor plans, location sketches and even illustrations not sufficient often to make an accurate picture of the new real estate which may soon is your own home. The Munich-based property developer INDUWO and DEMOS have developed an impressive technology, to allow prospective buyers to the glimpse into the future. “Obermenzing Betzenweg” carefully planned 2 to 5 rooms emerge in condos with high quality brand equipment in very beautiful location directly at the Wurm. The completion is scheduled for spring 2013. The short film “Betzenweg” tells the story of a young family that is bought here just an apartment. With impressive images is the idyllic living environment and the excellent location in the Villa and garden colony Obermenzing described.

“Also the apartment itself is very much alive with a virtual camera movement and detail shown, the viewer captures the spatial correlations and understands very well, what sense your own four walls in Obermenzing Betzenweg” will offer once. Comprehensive information about “Obermenzing Betzenweg” get interested in the info Office directly on the plot, at any time by appointment: Mr. Markus Tolle, mobil 0171 / 99 28 380 Mr. Andreas Gruber, mobile 0160 / 88 49 118 Mr. Bernd Wimmer, mobil 0171 / 75 26 70 Mr. Ralf Schulzke, mobile-0151 / 14 84 41 48 or landline number 0 81 31 / 45 45 28 Commission free sale by Zenker & Gady real estate”, Owner INDUWO – partner of the DEMOS more interesting offers, visit Greek for the people company DEMOS,”: in the naming, we have set the premise where we are active for over 40 years in the Munich-based housing market: we make affordable modern living! Contemporary architecture, fine facilities without waiver and quality often demonstrated distinguished every construction project of DEMOS. The result: Many thousands of satisfied customers and a reputation that causes that each new project is sold at happy new owner in no time.

Far beyond 300 objects, 12,500 apartments and houses, as well as 35,000 people who have opted for DEMOS, confirmation – and your wishes and demands are us new motivation. For over 43 years a good name for living in and around Munich: DEMOS stands for quality and excellent price performance – from the 1-room apartment up to detached single-family homes.

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Basque Museum

Also hosts many temporary exhibitions and activities. Cultural center Montehermoso: is defined as an area of production, exhibition and dissemination of art and contemporary thought, which has among its primary objectives the implementation of policies on equality between the sexes. Museum of Fine Arts. Sito in Augusti Palace on Paseo de Fray Francisco, 8.Painting Basque customs. Arms Museum, Near Ajuria Enea. Paseo de Fray Francisco, 3. Arms and numerous items related to military activities that encompass the entire story up the museum collection. To highlight a section dedicated to the Battle of Vitoria. Museum of Archeology. Located in the Casa Gobeo-Gevara, XVI century building on Calle Correr a 116. Of the Araba archaeological objects have been removed in the collection of this museum, from the earliest traces of human activity until the Middle Ages. Museum of Natural Sciences. It is located right in the medieval quarter, inside the renovated Tower of Do a Ochanda (Street Servants of Jesus, 24). The physical and natural environment provides an outstanding repertoire in the halls of this museum (minerals, insects, butterflies, etc.). Fournier Playing Card Museum. In this unique museum can enjoy the history of cards and progress of the graphic arts by looking at the world’s greatest collection of cards. The building that houses the Palace is situated on Calle Benda a Cutlery, s / n. Museum of Religious Art.In the Cathedral of Mary Immaculate (New Cathedral) there are important pieces of religious heritage Alava. Lanterns Museum. Unique museum located in the medieval quarter. C / Shoes, 35 ‘. It houses the beautiful parts of the Rosary procession of lanterns every 4 August to evening through the streets of downtown. MUSEUMS: Arms Museum: 945 18 19 25. Archaeological Museum: 945 18 19 22. Natural Science Museum: 945 18 19 24. Museum Fournier’s Suit: 945 18 19 20. Museum of Sacred Art: 945 181918.

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United States

Since no dampness can precipitate. As a result, also the insulation values of a dry wall are higher than those of a damp wall. Already 4% moisture bring 50% loss of the dam. It is important to abuse the food air not as dusty heating medium, but the warm walls and objects in the room convey a feel-good atmosphere. Scientists in the Pierce laboratory, United States checked the feel-good effect of warm walls in an attempt. They warmed the air in a room at 50 C and cooled the walls greatly.

The people in this room were miserably cold. While the people in a room with an air temperature of only 10 C and highly heated walls in sweat. That heat radiation need no transmission medium feel even vacationers in winter sports areas, which bask at low temperatures in swimwear. Stephen M. Ross is open to suggestions. Prerequisite is, of course, calm. Once again, Warm walls and slightly cooler air in the rooms provide any dry walls, thereby Allow infrared heating. These walls are also free of mold. This effect is only to achieve an infrared heater.

Consumption costs of an infrared heater are a savings effect lower than for other types of heating it because the room temperature can be much lower than results in a convection heater. Each degree less room temperature takes six (6) percent energy saving. No warm air when the air is lost. Comparisons of annual consumption of a single-family house prove significantly lower heating costs. Central heating with oil: 947 l central heating with gas: 8.372 l central heating with liquefied gas: 1,274 l central heating with electricity: 12200 of kWh air/water heat pump: 4,500 kWh + consumption below 5 C by electrical auxiliary heating floor storage; 9.200 kWh infrared heating: 5,000 kWh depending on the needs of users may vary the consumption values investment cost of infrared heating are lower than for other types of heating, also here is a comparison of the cost revealing: Central heating with oil: 11.900 EUR without costs for the Assembly central heating with gas: 9,300 EUR, without costs for the installation central heating with liquefied gas: 8.600 EUR, without costs for the Assembly central heating with electricity: 12,300 EUR, without costs for the installation air/water heat pump: 16,300 EUR, without costs for the installation of floor storage heating: 12.250 EUR, without costs for the installation infrared heating: EUR 6.800, here, there is no cost for the installation the costs for the installation can be yet significant. The heat can be obtained both the surface and the depth for example in Earth – heat pumps. The resulting large differences in expenses and hence the price. Jurgen Kurth engineer Economist consultant for construction innovation Lausicker walk 13 * 04680 Colditz phone + 49 34381 45443 * mobile + 49 1577 299 39 63

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Controversial Trademarks Discourse

GMUND, 12 March 2013 about 80 guests from family and consulting firm received last Thursday in the Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND. GMUND, 12 March 2013 in the afternoon the participants got an interesting introduction to sustainable paper production by the pulp to the ready pallet unattainable, which is sent by GMUND from all over the world. “This was followed by an informative panel discussion in the evening brand manufacturing family in the niche be successful”. Show it to many family businesses: the family name has been established for centuries as a brand and offers the customer orientation, creates trust and loyalty. Bizzi & Partners oftentimes addresses this issue. From different angles the speakers showed how in the field of tension of family tradition carries brands and successfully brings it to the front. Noteworthy was the realization that it is often wiser to specialize itself in a mass market to assert itself as a niche product. Was rounded off the evening with a perfectly-equipped flying buffet from the House of Bachmair Weissach, that left nothing to be desired. The Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND headquartered in GMUND am Tegernsee is a traditional family business with around 100 employees of the Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND.

It is directed by Florian Kohler today. GMUND stands for paper culture since 1829. While traditional production methods are perfectly associated with modern technology and creative design in accordance. GMUND specializes in fine fine and cartons. The focus on tradition, ecology and innovation. For more information, see. About the alpha circle exchanges of experience among family entrepreneurs promote, stimulate ideas from the experiences of others in the succession and securing the future of the family business benefit, networking in the entrepreneurs network and maintain.” With these words, the ALPHA circle as a platform for family business was founded in November 2005. Since the ALPHA circuit has established itself as the leading German-speaking forum for family businesses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Over 2,500 family entrepreneurs took part in the regular entrepreneurs evenings since its inception.

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