Despite obvious signs of economic growth of most eu countries, fixed on during the first half of this year, commercial real estate markets in most eu countries are going through hard times. So, for example, in January-March 2010, the number of leased offices in the Old World fell by 9% compared to the last quarter of last year. At the same time, it should be noted in the I quarter of this year lease was deposited 38% more space than the same period a year earlier. The volume of entering new business centers continue to decline, leading to a gradual reduction of the gap between supply and demand, and in the medium perspective – to a shortage of quality offices. However, notable is the fact that fewer than half of all investments in commercial real estate in Europe, it is necessary to segment retail facilities, and number of transactions in this segment in the first half of 2010 doubled over the same period last year, according to In the first quarter of 2010 from 19 billion euros of investments in this sector had about 8 billion euros. This strong growth in investment in commercial properties associated with their stable high returns even in times of crisis. As regards the capital market of office and retail real estate, Moscow has traditionally been the first places at a cost of rentals in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). According to market analysts, renting an office in the Russian capital in the first quarter increased by 2.9% and rental value of commercial real estate bypassed Paris and went to second place in the rankings, trailing only London's West Endu.