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True Leaders

I believe that the key to a true leader in these times of uncertainty are to be genuine, authentic and able to face real situations and adapt to them. Should address the problems and recognize that they are in crisis or change direction to match the conditions. Otherwise, you're sure to fail. " But how can a manager take advantage of the opportunities offered by the hard times? For George, "we need to know what caused the current global crisis. I think it was the approach and short-term results rather than long-term work. We are into debt too, both consumers and institutions were not conservative in our financial practices so lost track of what was important for enterprise: to create lasting value for its customers, employees and shareholders.

I think we now recognize that the short term is wrong and it is time to elect smart leaders to guide us in these difficult times. I believe that companies with this kind of leaders will have the opportunity to overcome the crisis and come out winning. Many people believe that the markets will again be the same after the recession. At Expert on growth strategy you will find additional information. However, this will not happen and the companies that succeed will be those who can meet the needs of its customers and consumers. " To this is added, as the newsletter says Universia Knowledge Wharton, Paul Shoemaker, an expert in strategy and research director of the Mack Center for Technological Innovation, "managers must develop the ability to anticipate the changes that occur in the future and introduce an element of flexibility in their strategies.

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Leningrad Real Estate

According to research company "Petersburg real estate" on the market today only cottage communities of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region is offered for sale more than 130 cottage communities in the past months of supply increase of 35 projects (a year ago to market rates were 2 times less). Recently, the most active towns offered in economy class. Also relevant is the proposal of free land for building. Particularly attractive and, consequently, the most popular are the ground near water bodies, directly adjacent to the city, with convenient transportation, paved communications, "ready" to low-rise building. It would seem a remarkable situation: supply and demand are "in lockstep." However, it should be noted that the actual ready-to-sale towns much smaller than states, as many developers to reduce risks and costs in the initial stages of the project prefer to start construction only after the conclusion of agreements for contract work, assuming the initial funding from potential buyers. Of course, in this situation, you can blame the economic uncertainty prevailing in the country, the problems of credit and finance, but how do you explain the fact that many facilities (cottages and holiday villages, vacant land, etc.), already proposed for sale are still under various agreements. At the town market one of the main problems is that harmonizing documentation the project (land transfer from the category to category, obtaining building permits, harmonization of the general development plan, etc.) negatively affect the purchasing activity and delay the process of engineering training area (receiving TU, coordination at various levels, etc.), lack of functional zoning scheme, which hampers the process of harmonization of the whole project.

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