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Tenerife Holiday

Tenerife is the most commonly visited Canary Islands, in the middle of the Teide towers, which is 3717 m high mountain in Spain. In fact, he is not really a mountain, but a volcano and the volcano is mainly responsible for the emergence of Tenerife. The emergence of Tenerife started about 7-12 million years ago. It is caused by volcanic activity on the seafloor in about 3,000 meters depth four islands we now know as Teidemassiv in the center, for birds in the east, the Teno in the west and the surrounding area of Adeje. About 3 million years ago was by then a huge gap Spaltenvulkanismus system, which is runs through from the northeast to the southwest. Who now of La Laguna Parque Nacional del Teide driving direction, which runs exactly on the crest of these columns.

Due to continuous volcanic activity at all four Urinseln the sea has been reclaimed more land, until about 170 000 years of the Teide massif Urvulkan collapsed into itself, since the underlying magma chamber was temporarily empty. This collapse came by huge Shocks to the very much rock above the present-day Puerto de la Cruz slipped into the sea. Today's Orotava Valley was born. By further volcanic activity occurred then the merger of the four islands and Tenerife, as we know it today was born. Even in the recent past, there were outbreaks. For example, was created by a volcanic eruption of 1706, Montana Negras, a now popular with hikers area. Who is more interested in Tenerife Tenerife Forum should stop by at this time. gives information on accommodation here: Tenerife Apartment

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But the house was not even put into operation when he had to raise the question of its sale. Neither the children nor the parents of the brothers could not imagine a life together, not to mention the wives of the brothers. Thus ended the idealization. 3. Home or place? The second fact, which must realize, before looking for a house is this: you buy yourself a house, a place where he located.

Unfortunately, the ideal, as mentioned above, no. Pursuing a selection of private homes for themselves or others for more than 25 years, I have discovered this principle: not to get frustrated by their choice, decide at once – that you buy a place or structure. In my youth, I must admit I did not care. When I got married and our son was born, I was 20 years old, I was in college, and only to find it: find at least something where you can live separately from parents. We rented the first room behind the stove, and then build an extension, where earlier there was an underground plant for the manufacture of cemetery wreaths, then a separate house with a plot. But still it was better than a concrete cell in .

I had every day to carry water in buckets, chopping wood, use the stove, etc. But you can safely go outside and do everything you want, without incurring any danger or indecent curiosity of others. Very hot issue 'place or a house' stood up when we started picking up a house with a site in Yekaterinburg, and then in Bulgaria.

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