If you have taken the decision to purchase the home, has made the pre-and everything is in order, the next step is to reserve your future home. The reservation is done through a contract which is very important to determine a deadline for signing the contract of sale. The most common types of contracts are: The Penitential Arras: A sum of money that is for a purchase option. If the document consists of signal delivery to try to deposit penitential (governed by Article 1454 Civil Code) is an option in which the two parties can withdraw: the seller to sell and the buyer to buy. The latter losing the amount paid and the seller returning double the amount received.

It is necessary that the contract clearly states that it is penitential deposit because if it is not specified it would say that we are facing a deposit with the consequences discussed in the next. La deposit: This is a quantity of money payment in advance of final price housing by both parties, buyer and seller, confirmed its intention to buy one and the other to sell. In a reserve in the form of “pay & sign the money given as part of the final price. Since then both the seller and the buyer can enforce the contract. If the seller does not want to sell, the buyer may require the sale price has been determined and, conversely, if the buyer repents, the seller may require the purchase at the agreed price. It really is a true contract of sale from the moment of signing by both parties. Legally this legal deposit called confirmatory.