To date, the issue of providing security for the home and its inhabitants appears particularly acute. While the current safety – it's really comprehensive and competent structure, which provides opportunity to feel able to calm regardless of whether the housing service dog or personal protection. Current safety devices give chance to create a multi-layered structures that protect and housing, and office, though likely at all levels. That is, the present security system can guarantee as dynamic guard the premises, for example, by using computer devices, including devices tracking, and the standard, which in any way can not depend on the overall state of computer systems. Electronic systems that currently provide manufacturers an opportunity not solely to track movement and to identify visitors, and they settle on a perimeter of the protected area, but in addition, and block access to the building while taking advantage of special turnstiles barriers, mechanical doors. First of all, to computer structures include a variety of surveillance systems that provide an opportunity to determine the presence of citizens in certain areas and to monitor their movement. If the area able to have a security service, the images from video surveillance systems (at the same time, and intercoms with video cameras), goes on special screens, and in addition to the power transferred to computer media.

After these entries can be deleted if they do not want to be, or be used for analysis. In principle, really say that computer security systems can be activated for the formation of the structure of "smart home", then is to say, a single computer set, which provides livelihoods and security of the entire house. For example, installation of additional computer modules allows you to configure electronic security systems and for autonomous operation. For example, devices with electrical timers are able to close the direct access to the premises after a specific time. If, on the security system used and the standard structures – by the way, secure fence with barbed wire, then for the safety of the object, whether an individual house or an industrial warehouse, may not survive. In order to deliver a solid set of safety devices, you need to choose a company that works on such a market is not generally one year. Since only in this case, there is likely to clarify the actual quality of work performed and equipment installed.