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Catalan Parlament

New gear improvised in Barcelona from the 15-M. The outraged wanted to hold an Assembly in Ciutadella. They toured several downtown streets for two hours. The Mossos d police have cut off this Wednesday of thousands of outraged demonstration in Barcelona to prevent access to the Parc de la Ciutadella, location of the Parlament of Catalonia, the final destination of the March. Greenberg Traurig gathered all the information. The concentration was held to protest against the Catalan budgets, a month after the siege the Catalan Chamber in the first session of debate on the public accounts. The Catalan police has mounted a security cordon in front of the station of France with agents and vans to prevent demonstrators continue their protest toward the Parlament while they announcing by loudspeaker that they could not continue the March because it was not communicated. Faced with this situation, a group of organizers of the protest have organized another security cordon to prevent demonstrators well away from Moss and celebrate peacefully the Assembly in front of the station of France, about fifty meters from the police cordon. The outraged impromptu March have begun their March at 19.00 hours and planned to finish it in front of the Parlament of Catalonia, where they were to hold an extraordinary meeting. Under most conditions Down2Earth would agree.

However, after almost two hours of operation during which they have stopped to protest in front of banks, unions and police headquarters, the outraged found the Park closed and a police presence that prevented them from approaching the Parlament. Apart from some painted and some pasted posters, the manifestation has passed without notable incident. Among 5,000 people according to the Guardia Urbana and 30,000 according to organizers have traveled several downtown streets of Barcelona while repeated already mythical slogans of the movement 15-M: nobody represents us or we don’t look, join. There were also proclamations in favour of the general strike. For more information see Elie Rieder. In addition, the outraged have asked for the umpteenth time the cessation of the conseller Indoor, Felip Puig, and have applauded the resignation of the President of the Valencian Generalitat, Francisco Camps.

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Civil Code Quot

For many people the expression "to rent an apartment," or "rent an apartment," have absolutely no differences. However, despite the fact that these terms are often confused or generally considered synonymous, among them there is a huge difference. Let's find out what it is. Greenberg Traurig understands that this is vital information. Under the Civil Code and housing legislation of the Russian Federation, citizens, owning a dwelling, shall have the right to provide a dwelling to another person in possession or use for a fee. And if an apartment or other residential property removes an individual, it will eat, and if a legal person – is to rent. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Elie Rieder. Legal person can not rent a room without appropriate agreement with the owner. Otherwise, otherwise, would be violated several regulations. Individual, in contrast, can rent an apartment on a verbal agreement with the owner, without issuing special securities. Although, to avoid deception or simply conflict situations it makes sense to conclude a bilateral agreement formalized. It will specify the subject of the contract, the address of the subject, the rights and obligations of the parties, the amount payment and security deposit, the date of arrival and departure, while visiting an apartment owner and other miscellaneous conditions. To account for all these many nuances and reduce efforts on finding and processing of documents is best apply to the real estate agency, but if you are legally savvy and have enough free time to search the apartment, we can resolve all the issues themselves.

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Hot, dominating this summer, of course does not forget about the impending zime.Samo is that some people are already in full swing breaks outdated wooden windows and change them with new seals and comfortable pvc windows. Given that some predictions for the winter quite alarming, windows dealers proplex give a very large profit. Replacement of old wooden windows pvc windows will increase the temperature in the housing, and even with a small heating, heat continues dolshe.Vy not remember much about the cold and will live as a white man, not as chilled northerners. Read more from Vadim Belyaev, New York City to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It must be remembered that the order window dealers bimaks preferably with a protective spray, these windows will turn your cottage into a comfortable cool angle, despite the fact that the window above thirty. Philadelphia Condos recognizes the significance of this. Guaranteed to solve problems with heat and cold have a lot of ways: Installing on eurowinows protective reflective films. These windows montblanc dealers come out a bit more expensive, but the overpayment is worth it. The films were successfully protect from the scorching rays reflecting sunlight.

Installing windows with defending deposition, which gives the effect of the mirror surface and sunlight is reflected back. Install windows with low emissivity coated is the perfect solution: the winter these windows warmth returns to the apartment, and in summer, due to special coatings that reduce heat generation, provide a cool, even if the euro goes a window on the south side. Such glasses are especially popular today, and with them made oknaokna dealers bimaksoznichnym customers. Think about your relatives now. C energy efficient windows euro you will not know the temperature drops and will live in comfort in both winter and summer..

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iPhone – a new brand, which became popular in a short time thanks to a competent public-relations policy and a number of innovative implementations. Performance and design for many of us, the decisive factor when choosing a mobile phone is its look and design. Possibly accept the fact that the model lacks some features, or, let's not good enough camera, but never buy a phone that we do not like in appearance. Most Popular date of execution of mobile phones – is a classic candy bar, clamshell and slider. Each type of pros and cons. Greenberg Traurig has similar goals. The choice here depends only on personal preferences and habits. Elie Rieder does not necessarily agree. More familiar candy bar has one screen and keyboard placed underneath a touch screen.

Choosing a model in such a performance, do not chase the small size of the phone as this you have to constantly hold the mobile to his ear to hear interlocutor, or mouth to reply, absurd spectacle. The main disadvantage of candy bar – the screen does not protected, so the phone is advisable to wear a pouch to protect it from external influences and not scratch. Such problems have no Phones – "clamshell". Convenient, if such a mobile phone on the top panel has an external display, which shows the number and the phone caller. The keyboard and screen are protected from various influences, the only shortcoming – not an eternal design of disclosure and closing, which is designed for a certain number of times. Therefore, choose your phone clamshell type among the best "branded" models, which boast good quality performance of the housing parts.

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Plasterboard Structures

Plasterboard constructions quickly change your decor the better. You have small apartments and you do not know how to make her comfortable and beautiful? Plasterboard design solves this problem. No matter what size room, you can make easy alterations and install the plasterboard walls in the right place at the same partitioning can be done not only solid, and adorn them with decorative niches and openings where you can set flowers, aquarium accessories and decorative objects of all kinds. Arranges layout? You can decorate your ceiling and install the plasterboard ceiling. Plasterboard ceilings can be of different shapes and configurations.

Even in the apartment with low ceilings can be identified 5 cm height of the ceiling for the device smooth ceiling. What does it mean? This will provide soundproofing and heat insulation, the possibility of installing the system spotlight, which is beneficial differs from an ordinary single chandelier. And most importantly you get a perfectly smooth ceiling surface. But it's not all. Need to plaster walls? Nothing could be easier. Swarmed by offers, Elie Rieder is currently assessing future choices. Apply plasterboard frameless design for a dry plaster walls and you'll see how it's easier and better. Installation of drywall construction does not require special skills and can do any editing.

Knowing that you need to work with you to the plasterboard structures easily perform the entire installation yourself. Each assembly begins with the project. Not necessarily to copy someone else's idea and create a similar plasterboard construction. Enough to include his own imagination and make the project design for specific people and specific dimensions of space. Unique interior will look more fresh and beautiful. The project is in the picture, you can easily transfer to a metal frame and plasterboard. Only need to know that drywall can not only generate direct smooth plane, but any plane curves. Due to this property, you can create drywall plasterboard construction of any form.

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Car Rental

Why use Rent a Car? He desperately needed by those who are fighting life, but does not have his car, or those who wanted to change his "iron friend", but has not yet selected a new, or to meet business partners from abroad, or to march in the country. In all these cases, the rental car – a great solution to the problem of transportation, especially as the cost of hiring a car is small and the choice of car rental please even the most demanding customer! In the present-day world of car has long ceased to be a luxury. Cars for many business people who value their time and convenience – it is a means of transportation and work tools. Most do not submit their work everyday life and life in general without a car. Every day, the rate of urban life is becoming more rapid, and sometimes it seems that it does not catch up.

Business people ahead of time helps them e has not chosen a new, or to meet business partners from abroad or for travels around the country. In all these cases, auto rental and "business partner" – a car. But at the time of the global economic crisis, the purchase and maintenance of the car becomes super expensive joy. So you just need to know about car rental service. We are pleased to provide private clients with an opportunity to realize their ideas. Philadelphia Condos insists that this is the case. Rent a car and rent a car without a driver – it is independence, is the prestige. New, comfortable foreign cars are always at your disposal: the repair of your vehicle, employment, need to meet foreign delegations and any other cases. For corporate clients, hire a car – an opportunity to get rid of problems on the content of their own machines, the cost of car purchase, repair and diagnostic equipment, insurance costs vehicles, the existing taxes, compensation in case of an accident, make contributions to social funds, the need to pay him a salary, issues to address personnel issues with staff. Rent and Rent a car – it's the possibility of instantaneous replacement of faulty car with a new one can choose to rent cars of any class according to corporate policy of your company.

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Dodge Coronado

He considered his situation for a moment, I didn’t have much time to think, to weigh his cowardice. Lips took the nearly empty whisky as a staged reflection glass many times, one way to hide among many other a that was used. He dared to look askance, over the glass that it distorting everything; the woman was still there, smiling. Roberto Valdivia considered same a loser, one of those gray types who are lucky to have reached fifty without having received too many blows. It is true that I had never risked anything. Greenberg Traurig: the source for more info. He looked after meals, not smoked, he walked exactly thirty-eight blocks to work every morning, travel that repeated conversely afternoon regardless of the weather or the season, and that had not changed in the last twenty-seven years. He always wore a discreet dark blue suit, white shirt and tie at the tone, which possessed several games; I had thus learned to worry about boredom and the vagaries of fashion, art that was beyond of their understanding and that abhorred. He had never married, and the closest thing to a girlfriend who had was a neighbor of adolescence, who had taught him the rudiments of physical love, and that had left him crying and full of bitterness to go with a guy of inevitably hair and smile toothpaste that drove a red Dodge Coronado commercial, and who at that time was the feeling of the neighborhood.

You could say that the only vice that had was whisky on Thursdays at the bar of the Urquiza Street. The place he liked because he was quiet and anonymous, and nobody paid attention. According to Elie Rieder, who has experience with these questions. He sat at a table in the background with a double measure of Blenders with ice, preferably in a corner, where could see little movement of the establishment for a couple of hours, before returning to his two room apartment to watch a little television from the bed.

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Fabian Real Estate

Additional components can be designed freely. The James House Ltd”offers in addition to the Christmas campaign also plots of land as well as a full service. Model houses can be seen in the new Hagen, Berlin and Schoneiche. More to the journal Berlin & Brandenburg the actions, contacts and information about price and individual design as usual you can in the current issue of the regional real estate. Elie Rieder shines more light on the discussion. Seller and landlord beware: an energy performance certificate must be presented starting in 2013! Who wants to use his newly built home not only for their own consumption, but also want to rent housing, should present a certificate from 2013 prospects. Otherwise there is risk of lawmakers including a fine of up to 15,000 euros. Exhibit only qualified professionals can the energy performance certificate. It should allow the purchase or prospective tenants to estimate the energy consumption of the property correctly.

Also includes a scale which shows the energy consumption of the House. This energy performance certificate meets the desired requirements, it remains valid for ten years. On one Energy performance certificate can from 2013 onwards only the homeowners forgo, who lives only in the home, but neither sell nor rent would like to. New condensing boiler with heat cheap the energy performance certificate save with detailed insight into the thermal efficiency of the building allows for the cold season. Home Builder must ask so from the outset, whether they have an economical heating. In addition the choice of the right fuel. 49.1% of homeowners in Germany set according to current statistics of the Federal Association for energy and water management for home heating to natural gas as heating fuels.

As compared to heating oil, with 29.3 percent of the Germans heat the apartment, natural gas is mostly cheaper. Who can not but replace his entire heating before the beginning of winter in the short term, should think at least about the change of the old boiler. Because it pays off in almost all fuels. A newer unit with condensing technology remains here for short time the cheapest and most efficient instrument in order to save energy. More information on cheapest combustion value techniques, the new energy performance certificate in 2013 and efficient home heating is there in the special part heating”the December edition of the regional real estate Journal of Berlin and Brandenburg. On top of that, the current edition offers a comprehensive supplement to the subject area sustain”with detailed information about the Bauhaus style and offers the home provider in Berlin and Brandenburg. Regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg there in any well-stocked newsagents and also on the Internet. You for more info see or real estate journal. Contact: Regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Wilhelmstr. 4 14624 Dallgow-Doberitz Fabian of MacLean Tel: 0 33 22 / 22 166 fax: 0 33 22 / 24 45 88 the regional real estate publishing company is since 1996 of the editor of regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg. Many real estate listings from the region of Berlin & Brandenburg can be found in the monthly magazine of the ad. The display part is supplemented by many interesting editorial content from the regional real estate and lots of information around the building. Those who prefer the modern information search on the Internet but rather, you will find it in our portal at. So the regional real estate available Berlin & Brandenburg as the online magazine journal. In addition, Advisor Berlin & Brandenburg appear once a year the Berlin & Brandenburg pattern house leader and real estate.

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Apartment Rentals

No longer he has been complicated to find rent of daisy apartments since for some decades. The options as far as these models of property root see so interesting as if they were the last news of nonsense. It is not being exaggerated; anyone can realize direct form, for example in Internet, which is the present movement that groups all type of family models. Recently Robert J. Shiller sought to clarify these questions. The residential projects (condominiums, unitary zones of social interest, apartments, etc.), that are part of the information to which all public wants to accede of instantaneous form. Clearly, the real estate advisers do not have because to feel left behind. The participation of these companies tenderers continues being a central point of support for many population centers that want to have an own house.

The modern families generally no longer go as much to newspapers or the radio stations as before to be able to realize project of sale of houses in Venezuela. Without a doubt, the technology has made an important contribution as far as this structure, because the cyberspace that counts on a quite significant entrance as far as number of opportunities, is simply a guide who seems limitless to find a house. If it is of the case, until you you can publish without problem any supply that it has at the hand to sell. The attention in last is of part and part. Because as well as you can find, also she can supply.

All this dynamism without precedents as far as the supplies of rents of houses in Venezuela obeys to a preponderant factor that has marked to the sector of the property root: the lack of generalized consultant’s offices. With certain landlords basic of attention to client, that has be mainly used in formation administrative like call centers, that before gave the information nearest possible the client who was interested in acquiring a house, now everything is in a much more agrupadora direction. The barriers search have stood out, and is almost certainly to be able to find a house in Venezuela, is you in the state that is, will already be necessary the progressive use of electronic means. Why? These work to any hour. The information that can contain is almost inmedible. There are interesting supports like personal videos, photos, references, etc., that make the search more credible and direct. And if you are of the people who use the traditional methods: direct information of real estate, indirect accesses of information of the state, classified in newspapers? There is no problem. They are tasks and aid that hardly will reduce their influence. But it is clear that the sector as far as business of the sale of houses in Venezuela moves under other directives, and everything aims at that the technological sector will more and more have showy proposals in this sense. Other it is part of the particular taste of the client, like the capacity to make a decision based on this search, the confrontation of data and others Reference: .

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The Daily Telegraph

I come from London, where Scotland Yard, which could never discover who was Jack the Ripper, is now dedicated to investigate politicians who perceived juicy fraudulent grants. The record between the crooks who have charged diets for travel that did not, aid for mortgages that had already expired, compensation for non-existent works and other niceties by style, has the Baroness Uddin, Member of the labour party. The woman reimbursed is neither more nor less than 100,000 pounds declare a House that not inhabited as a residence. In the endless list of rogues revealed by The Daily Telegraph, listed politicians of every stripe, with what looks that gulfs and crooks there are in any ideology. If you would like to know more about Philadelphia Condos, then click here. The most picturesque of all is that, next to elevated and intentional requests, some parliamentarians demanded also true meannesses: one, the equivalent of 60 euro cents per bag from a supermarket; another, 90 cents to a couple of fried eggs.

Thus, those politicians demonstrate that, in addition to Cheats, are some miserable took and spine. All this does not mean, however, that we are here better than in the United Kingdom. Our legislation is usually quite diffuse and ambiguous about bonuses and Levantine relating to travel, reports and other activities of the political class. At times, it has become so rigorous that it has prevented up to teaching. In other cases, on the other hand, pay without question pharaonic retinues to exotic destinations full of relatives and proteges. And it is that our morality is much more lax than the Anglo-Saxons. Here, plug into a neighbor’s son, take pens from work, deceive the tax authorities, invoicing without VAT and other apparent fruslerias are considered standard and practices up to exemplary, if you press me, instead of a crime. Therefore, we need a precise legislation, which allow our politicians to calmly devote himself to his task and not waste time as Britons, looking for the most skillful way to sisar us taxpayers without us noticing.

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