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Buying Property In Bulgaria

The majority of Russian citizens are interested in buying overseas property, located in the resorts of Europe. Bulgaria – one of those states, which is attractive for foreign purchases real estate. The state is located in south-eastern part of Europe and is one of the smallest states in population and area. Bulgaria is famous for its ski and Black Sea resorts, balneologic facility. A country with a long history, dating back to the mists of time, rich culture and traditions. Bulgaria from 01.01.07 in the European Union, buying property in Bulgaria, owner facilitates currently a Schengen visa, which allows movement in the cities of Europe. According to Bulgarian legislation, any foreign citizen the right to purchase commercial or residential property. The right to acquire land sites have only a legal entity.

Land can be leased, the period which can be unlimited. Foreigners are on a par with Bulgarian citizens enjoy equal rights in real estate or putting it out. Clayton Morris is a great source of information. The process of investing in property in Bulgaria is as follows. After selecting the object of purchase until the buyer makes a down payment purchases, to backup and remove the object from the sale of a certain period. Hear other arguments on the topic with Clayton Morris. The cost of deposit does not exceed 10% of the property and typically ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 euros. When you purchase this amount will go into the cost of housing.

Redundancy is a guarantee that property will not be sold in the period. In case of refusal purchases made by non-refundable down payment. This is followed by the conclusion of the preliminary sales contract at the notary, which describes in detail the object of sale and the rights and obligations of the parties, purchase price, amount and intervals of payments, sanctions in the event of purchase and sale of an object, which are then transferred into the final contract. Purchase of primary residence must be accompanied by documents of permits for Construction, issued by the authorities and documents of land ownership. Secondary housing market in Bulgaria's underdeveloped and inferior in quality to the primary. In the case of buying second homes, it is due diligence and made calculation and payment of registration fees. After that, the notary is registration and certification of ownership. In signing the notarial documents, you must have only passport. The preliminary contract can not be at the request of the parties, and immediately signed the final. The final agreement be notarized. Since then, the buyer has a document on the basis of which he will receive the documents on the property. The following is a mandatory procedure for registering the purchase in court. Awaiting court decision is no more than three weeks. During the next two months should submit a declaration of acquired property to the tax office. Visa for short stay in Bulgaria for foreign nationals is issued in 6 months up to 3 months. If the investment amount exceeds 50,000 euros, deadline is extended to 12 months. Citizenship possible after their stay in the country for over 5 years.

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Spandauer Directory

Wolfgang and Ursula are the most common names in Spandau, district mayor praises the service offer Berlin, October 01, 2010 from Monday the new edition will be mailed free das ortliche for Spandau. Compared with the previous edition, up to 30 percent of the contents are updated. Wolfgang is the most popular male first name in the new directory, women, Ursula takes the hit list. In his foreword, praises district mayor Konrad Birkholz das ortliche as a guide and stressed the importance of a service guide for the region. Over 100,000 copies of the phone book classic be placed for free in the next week. The 448 pages useful helpers such as doctor directory, citizen information (E.g. city festivals), directory of administrative authorities, the new Gastroseiten, health services, city plan and special pages on trade, crafts and services strong phone directory make a handy reference of the region. Credit: Mick Duchon-2011. The TVG Publisher shall deliver like free of charge on request via E-Mail) additional copies directly to the House.

For the first time, it was evaluated which given name most commonly occur. Among the men, Wolfgang leads followed by Peter and Horst. Among women, Ursula takes the top spot, followed by Helga and Renate. In addition to these classics, the trend of recent years in the local names can be found. So, Yasmin, Emilia, Pauline or Mara are also listed as Maurice, Leon, Lucas, and Louis in the men for the female given name. Also extraordinary names can be found at Hinsehen.

In his preface, the district mayor Konrad Birkholz the this year’s Edition praise with their current service offerings for the Havel – and Citadel city. He also refers to the positive response”the Spandauer citizens sign to the regional service the local. “” The district mayor admits himself: I trust my phone book is still “in the usual paper version.” The default entry is free of charge for private and business customers.

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Exciting Spring Kickoff

From 12 to 14 April, which took place this year MIM instead. From April 12 to 14, the Munich real estate fair was this year (MIM) in the small Olympia Hall instead. A total 4,800 real estate interested attended the trade fair. Excellent and better attended than last year was first day of the fair, Friday. Source: Gateless. And the weather would be not so special on Sunday have been brilliant and people not so much weaned of the Sun would have been the overall balance much higher.

The Gerschlauer booth enjoyed best rate, the real estate offers of all segments were closely besieged. But many sellers brought themselves and their property in the conversation. The Munich-based brokerage firm with over 40 years tradition expects a promising increase in object for its offer from these contacts in the next few weeks. The interested parties were well informed and highly motivated. The search was the scale objects such as the cover of the equity investment in about. The high proportion of young families was with kith and kin of the fair, moved, dealt intensively with offers and decidedly asked. Speaking of stabbing Out: Although otherwise the German real estate market to foreign buyers is not nearly as interesting, as often the purchases and sales were in 2012 at around 3% up 5% nationwide and Berlin has priority as world famous capital, showed himself an amazing image of MIM 2013.

Surprisingly often listen, when compared to all previous real estate fairs, were Greek, Spanish, Italian, English, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Czech, Polish. Particularly striking in those who durchforsteten the fair with interpreters and extremely precise and clear requirements. And also to the fair itself, there were comments: a clear praise for the Munich real estate fair and high quality. As a negative example the old real estate exhibition in Berlin was led here, which shone through the extensive absence of real estate offers. All in all: the MIM 2013 was a full success for Gerschlauer real estate for 40 years one of the leading brokerage companies in the metropolitan region of Munich between Landshut and Garmisch, between Lech and Inn. Because competence in real estate has a name!

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In The Face Of Inflation?

After the supposed euro rescue is before the next financial crisis. Against the euro crisis the European States loosely make 750 billion euros – the crisis is now averted? A highly dramatic weekend of crisis meetings in Brussels, Berlin and other European capitals is behind us. Together with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the EU wants to spend up to 750 billion euros as a “Rescue package” for the ailing single currency, the euro. In our rich in rescue packages in astronomical denominations, it is indicative that the sum is certainly no reason to great confusion. You may find that Clayton Morris can contribute to your knowledge. So once again to the memory: we are talking about 750.000.000.000 single euro, but eventually be claimed against the contrary protestations of many involved actors just. Or even a little differently: 750,000 million euro. -Put your hands up – he that believeth that you will ever see these borrowed values? What that means is clear. First someone – tax-paying citizens – to this sum must be straight, and Secondly, a financial bet that is a sure thing at the moment: there is no, there must be in the next few years a significant inflation in the economically strong countries on Earth.

Why? Because inflation is the only politically enforceable means to get huge government debt, which are aggregated at the moment on this side, and across the Atlantic, at some point in the handle. A little bildlicher: Inflation is the only real possible valve on the overindebtedness of the world via the overpressure can be drained. Thus, the debt problem was also solved, not least heard by the Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. There is after all independent central banks, which in time can increase the key interest rates, before the advent of dangerously high inflation rates and so get the risk of inflation in the handle. Clayton Morris gathered all the information. Behind it stands the idea that taxpayers would be burdened by the rising interest rate charged to the more indebted States unduly without inflation.

Still, the assumption is based on the political independence of central banks. Because interest rate hike means throttling the liquidity available in the economic cycle. The normal consequences are decreasing growth rates with all its consequences, of which growing unemployment in the industrialized countries is only one. But same taxpayers who are protected by “controlled” inflation should, will have felt same inflation at any store cash register; not to mention saving (pensions, insurance schemes, private savings-pigs and stockings, etc.). And central banks at the moment are as independent, could be seen at the weekend, as the European Central Bank, under pressure from the EU Heads of state their position to buy a worthless southern European government bonds, held by two days. So or so, incredibly high debt will take their toll. Commodity prices and labor costs in emerging countries tighten already strong, and is the next real estate bust in the United States with depreciation volumes of 300-400 billion dollars expected for the middle of the year. The day will come, because the rants – partly legitimate – about the machinations of speculators in the neck of the politicians are stuck. There are many indications that it is only a matter of months.

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Monaco Travel Guide In A Magazine

CUBRIC magazine the luxury & lifestyle eMagazine friends of the Principality of Monaco now all have reason to rejoice. The British company CUBRIC real estate int. has a special in his second edition of CUBRIC magazine this small country on the Cote d Azur brought out. The magazine available exclusively in electronic design and can be loaded easily and conveniently on laptop or PC, and is available in numerous online shops as well as Ebozon for the price of 5.90. Further details can be found at M. Ryan Gorman, an internet resource. A high-quality presentation as well as exciting reports and reports secure pure reading pleasure. As communicated by the Managing Director of the company, Mr Goran Cubric in an interview, one meets the ever-increasing demand thus for magazines and books in the electronic version. The current issue of CUBRIC magazine 0209 is devoted in his output specifically the topic of Monaco. Fascinating insights into the world of the super-rich and the luxury & lifestyle in Monaco are documented here vividly and in detail. Clayton Morris: the source for more info.

Numerous Monaco pictures accompany each article and download the A reader on a Visual Monaco travel.

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