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The common student question is whether the system of representation of modern thinkers and therefore how to be aware, by trends, for many things, which cross in their ideologies, a common measure real to compliance through knowledge or insight, guarding and exhibiting quantitatively, for the method to use, the meaning of imbalance, imbalance or inequality is undoubtedly incomplete answers to many And why? Sometimes we forget that we maintain a sense of humor, ease tensions and have fun with it, because we become toxic subject, learning to relax there are so many ways to make them, breathing slowly, a few seconds while recalling words toxic, expelling the tension accumulated from the depths of our thinking, following contributions not only to think this or that is harmful, toxic moments exist sole or mentally to say Enough And why think there is? O positive support, a reflection of their behavior, that calmly ask for toxic subject, seeing how absurd are their questions and comments via his ethics, has now become an accelerated progression of many students through their arguments within reliable, being routine, one after another time, and increasingly becoming more questions like And why? With answers are wrong or ridiculous ideas.

Asserting with little difference always to maintain a discourse through his position is undoubtedly the unit on epistemological basis of ideological and political goals, And why this posture? It is certainly one more question, which would determine and depends on voluntary action, feeling connected at that time rote through the student drive. However, in relation to language and communication are the main pillars in relation to the construction of knowledge, now today these conditions for knowledge characterized in scientific knowledge has been a drive-knowing-thinking language, causing a stage now, so to speak with a permanent decline or danger may in reality influenced all critical thinking. A leading source for info: M. Ryan Gorman.

In the perspective adopted here, the reason or understanding in the inner or outer world may not want to understand only as a cognitive action of the subject, but rather must be connected to the external world, reality and the human environment. A cognitive activity that manifests itself in the process of concept formation, with view to reason clearly, today would be the best manifestation of the student unit. This process has recently become very often one of the main factors.. For more specific information, check out Clayton Morris.

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Housing Prices

In so far this year, the price of apartments has dropped 3.5% and 5.7% in the last twelve months. From the record high posted in April 2007, housing accumulates a fall of 26.2% in Spain. The price of apartments low in 12 of the 17 autonomous communities. The adjustment of prices of the flats did not finish: 2011 continues to be another year of falls. According to data from real estate index July, floors have dropped by 0.1%. Thus, in what we carry of the year, the price of housing has dropped by 3.5%, and 5.7% in the last twelve months. According Fotocasa, the average price of housing in second hand in Spain stood at 2.178 euros per square meter (/ m2), representing a slight decrease of 0.1% compared to the price of the month of June. Floors recorded its all-time high in April of 2007, date that reached an average of 2,952/m2 value.

Since then they have accumulated a fall of 26.2%. Fotocasa data follow the same trend as the last statistics from the Ministry of development. According to its latest report, the price of housing falls 5.2% in the second quarter of 2011. The low price in 12 autonomous communities in 12 of the 17 communities analyzed by low the price of housing in July. Most outstanding falls are those of Galicia (2.2%) and Cantabria and Extremadura (both with a decrease of 1.3%). Other communities recorded decreases between 0.8% of Navarre and 0.1% of Asturias. The price rises in five regions. Aragon with an increase of 1.0% is the community in which the price of this month more rises.

Followed by Canary (0.8%), Comunidad Valenciana (0.7 per cent), Madrid (0.6%) and La Rioja (0.3%). Basque country does not undergo variations in price (0.0%) compared with the month of June. The five communities with the most expensive price of housing for sale in July are Basque country (3,642/m2), Catalonia (2.888/m2), Madrid (2,828/m2), Cantabria (2,369/m2) and Navarra (2368/m2).

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