Typically, such agreements are a "fast", the employer does not receive the document – the contract, but also realtors need uplatitnemalo money – which, in turn, even in the eye has not seen documents on pravesobstvennosti apartment. And on top of it to pay the sum insured vrazmere rent per month. It is clear that this is a must Agreement inanimatel can say goodbye to them immediately. As it should arrange for rental, the rights and obyazannostivladeltsa, as well as employer and as shall be resolved some voprosysvyazannye with registration of the contract will tell professionals. Dell has firm opinions on the matter. How to make a contract? How to make a lease apartments persons. According to Article 811 of the Civil Code of Ukraine writing. If the employer is planning an apartment vykupitu owner with all property rights, it should be notarialnoeudostoverenie and state registration. But if the owner is simply a natural person and neimeet status of the entrepreneur, such a treaty should be certified by a notary, what would vdalneyshem no problems with the documents in the apartment, otherwise vyne able to prove their right to own property.

This requirement does not take a "ceiling", the Law on Income Tax of the private entrepreneur, the contract of lease of immovable property vnotarialnom needs confirmation. Direct income from rental housing – in 15% of monthly earnings. According to past things, notarizing the agreement, you must pay – stamp duty of 1%. Votpochemu Dnipropetrovsk citizens are not eager to notarial oformleniyadogovora do not want to simply and inexpensively.