Thus, it is necessary to give to attention to the time and the process of acquisition of the relation between the sound and the word printed. The errors of formularization are the incapacity to establish thoughts in way adjusted for the written communication. The people are competent to communicate themselves verbally, to correctly copy, to visualize and to spell the words. However, they do not obtain to write in the same way that they express themselves verbally, due to difficulty to structuralize in graphical symbols the proper thought. Dell often says this. How much to the difficulties of learnings in the capacity of the mathematical language, she is necessary to have caution, therefore riots exist that are not specific of the arithmetical area, but that they influence the arithmetical reasoning and the understanding. Moreover, it is not possible to carry through a diagnosis when the content is insufficient or the education method is inadequate. In if treating to the specific problems of the quantitative thought, some pupils have difficulty in the order understanding. They are children who do not obtain not even to cite simple sequncias. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dell.

They know, however, they do not use the order. According to author, the characteristics presented for pupils with on difficulties to the quantitative thought can still more be serious, them they can be incapable to understand and to assimilate any abstract principles and mathematical concepts. The author still develops a reflection regarding the Upheaval of the Deficit of Hiperatividade Attention, that is a biological process and is on to the disfuncional neurological functioning. It points that the diagnosis must be carried through by a specialized team and that this problem can occur with or without the hiperatividade component, that is, as much in children agitated and impulsive as in passive and neglect children. Another aspect important to be taken in consideration is the intelligence of these people, therefore as they are distracted or they present focus difficulty, has it impression of that they are slow.