Eye-catching do the integration work and professional work purest to the objects themselves campaign of in Austria building cleaner and home carers. The education level is very high and if you now do a little evil comparison: what happens when a politician a week nothing works without now less appreciate the work of the politicians, you probably notice no difference. If now but Austria’s building cleaner and caretaker for a week down the work, then the consequences would be devastating. Our industry is unfortunately not appreciation, which would you fees and so we decided pages advocacy here, to make our missions for the company in an advertising campaign for a broad public,”says federal occupational branch Chairman of the monument, facade and building cleaner, KR Gerhard Komarek. Learn more on the subject from Nobel Laureate. Zeitgeistig and eye-catching. Advertising is a rather unwelcome guest for many people.

The task of the image campaign is that consumers like to listen or looks. Because we live in a world of entertainment, suggests the message clearly in the direction of entertainment. The Linz advertising agency fresh blood conceived campaign operates in the style of agent and shows building cleaners, which have a mission to accomplish. You fight against viruses and bacteria, shy away from no risk and do a professional job. Action, excitement, and entertainment are available in 25 seconds, television and radio for 25 seconds. A particular concern was the Austrian Federal Guild of the chemical industry and the monument, facade and building cleaner to address also the youth and to bring here a change in consciousness. I am pleased that we have developed a flashy advertising campaign in the next two years, which is shared by all provinces and achieved throughout any Austrians”, so KR Komarek. A mission strongly placed we have in this campaign for both radio and TV channels decided to generate a high reach and to reach the target group.

In addition, the idea can be the spots or complete the mission best in these two media. Here, an action-packed setting can be made very authentically. The radio spot will be sent in July, August and September 2013. Beginning 2014 the broadcasting of TV spot then follows, to complete the attention-grabbing package”, explains managing director Gerd p fresh blood the media concept. To listen radio spot: portal.wko.at/wk/format_detail.wk?