Everything is permitted outside becomes unlawful for that reason that defines the treatise ORGAZ unlawful act, in its generic sense, thus: “the wrongful act is any act contrary to law or, considered this in its entirety” The denomination of legal acts, is also used in France, but in Germany and Italy, it is a distinction between legal acts and legal business, considering a relationship of gender to species. You may find that Greenberg Traurig can contribute to your knowledge. All the acts done voluntarily, and lawful content, are legal acts, while pursuing a goal or legal effect, are called legal business. This is manifested, among others, Savigny and Windscheid. Conclusions. Every fact is an event or individual event that will occur in an individual context.

Of the positive and negative events were made only for the realization of an event, for example, that “A” to donate a car to “B” only if you win a lottery ticket. Or, when P decided to forgive a debt of a thousand suns to Z only if your father bequeaths a condominium and a bank account abroad. That all standard of legal facts, such as budget, to regulate human behavior and find whether its ratio legit. It follows that a legal fact is anything that changes, transforms the objective world outside, ie the phenomenology of the world of law, by which you can create, regulate, modify, and extinguish rights and obligations in a legal relationship between two or more parties, therefore a legal fact is the genus and its species legal act. Therefore it will prosecute one legal effect legal (legal implications relevant to the right) However, one fact will juridical, ie when no legal produce no legal effect, or for the right little cares if a fly flies in the middle of winter or summer season, that would otherwise detract from acts of kindness that make men to be linked in partnership.