The bread and the wine served only as a symbol of the delivery of my body and my blood. Not ye make it a ceremony, but always having me present, in all your feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. Also when you take the gifts of life, which God gives you in the lap of mother earth, please present the eternal, grateful, and be also present my redemptive Act. And if you do it with a sincere heart, not just your earthly body will receive the spiritual substance, spiritual life, but also your soul; therefore in everything that nature gives man, is life, God, the spiritual substance, the force but before these words, do not we should perhaps ask ourselves what we then called Corpus Cristi day celebrate? Not is this a festive date rather than reused the name of Christ to give force to an institution that crumbles full of scandals and that practice idolatry of external forms without transmitting the true religion internal, which not? need neither brokers nor ostentatious cathedrals? It is understandable that many people who have based his life on this belief and ceremonial external, reject the words quoted above, it is not easy to question what we’ve believed blindly, perhaps just by fidelity to tradition. However, the truth is, we want it OK or not, and the road to the real internal fullness follows traces of truth, which frees the divine inner being within us all. The effort to look for it is worth!