The last act, which certifies that the building is already in use – this Act-16. Act-14 confirms the completion of rough construction, Act-15 issued after the commission that checks the existence and operation of elevators and the availability of water and electricity. Buyers who intend to take out a loan must bear in mind that to calculate the financing bank has in mind value of the object at the time of peer review, but not at the time of completion of construction. The buyer of real estate in another building under construction will have a document of ownership – title deed, but he will not have a document certifying that the building is completely finished – namely, Act-16. A special commission of the local territorial community inspects the building after the final completion and issue this document builder. To get the Act-16 apartment owner must apply for a construction company. Recently, there are many who want to buy property in Bulgaria with a loan. There are the following features in obtaining credit by Russian citizens: the size of the loan depends on the policies of the bank – usually released Bulgarian banks loan to buy a home to 200 000 euros, interest on loan moves ranging from 6.25% to 9.9%, maximum percentage finance the purchase – 65% -80% of loan repayment terms are different – the maximum repayment period of 15 to 30 years supply of credit – mortgages, repayment of the loan – the deposit of $ 12 contributions per year, the deposit is included and the percentage of principal amount, and some banks do not issue credits for the purchase of apartments in the old panel buildings constructed in the cities of 30 and more years ago.