And in the second quarter of 2008, property prices in Bulgaria are extremely low – among the lowest in the whole world. Yes, the Bulgarian real estate becomes more expensive. In 2007 Bulgaria ranked second in the world's growth in house prices – 27.1% for year. But nevertheless it is still possible to buy an apartment in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast in a good new complex just 900 – 1500 euro / sq.m. This is very far from the average price levels in the EU. Bulgaria in 2009 will be one of the most promising, with terms of investment regions in the European Union. Real estate professionals forecast that house price growth in Bulgaria in the second half of 2008 will be between 8% and 15%.

The forecast is almost identical to the increase in prices real estate in the country for the first quarter of 2008. According to experts from January 2008 until the end of June, the real estate in Bulgaria has risen by an average of 12%. In the first six months of 2008 was the highest demand for two-bedroom apartments, but it was seen an increasing demand for three-and four apartments. It should be noted that fewer and fewer and fewer people at risk to purchase a house in another nepostroennyh complexes. The highest price growth in the first quarter of 2008 was marked in the town of Ruse – 24.3%. In the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia – price increase was 9.06% in the cities of Burgas and Varna – respectively 5.97% and 6.96%. In Plovdiv – the second largest city in Bulgaria – real estate went up by 19.38%, and in Veliko Tarnovo – 12.59%.

The profitability of real estate in Bulgaria in mid-2008 is 5.67%. Prices for rental apartments also noted an increase this year, especially in Sofia, where an increase of 18.98%. In the middle of this year and there was good news for those who have bought property in Bulgaria – from July 1, 2008, Russian citizens who own property in Bulgaria and can produce a document of ownership – title deed – are eligible to receive returnable entry visa to Bulgaria for 3 years. This means that the Russians, who have property in Bulgaria will receive a visa only once and then can spend 180 days in Bulgaria, 3 years in a row, total – one and a half years in within 3 years. most websites. In addition, from 1st January 2009 Russian citizens will have the opportunity to apply for Bulgarian visas online.