People are buying luxury condos at Barton Place condominiums where there are great project is Barton Place Cosmology is one of the interfaces between various religions neopaganas.
Speaking of creativity in the field pagan emerges the fact that the difference comes in terms of Jewish and Christian religions, creation is not necessary to be able to start a tour stop completely, but it tarot is not conclusive, because the establishment is an red string act, done consistently cabala and perennially in the universe. Pagan creation, therefore, represents a natural development process, change, CHANGE and the existence of occult evolution, this kabbalistic process is caused by a god, butnot originated, because it is a derivative of the emancipation of the same divinity in world and its manifestation.
The motor that causes the birth, kaballah growth and death of things or the eternal cycle of life is the same divine spirit, standing in the zohar cosmos. They are the deities which are in the universe, which reflect, and modify models, giving life. The gods are concepts created by the forces that make the mysticism art form and add all the things that exist in nature, are visible cabbala in the kabbala world that man tree of life inhabits.
The creative force is 72 names of god identified, in this view, the religion very nature of the vehicle through which to kabala fulfill the binah divine mystery of life, characterized sepher by the eternal cyclical movement, in which gematria the mystical spirituality forces are reformed, renewed and continuously reincarnate .
Although the vision of wicca is very similar, enfonda their own roots in dualism: the principle scholem that emanates from the cosmos, and encourages the meditation creation is not the only one, two. jewish The God and Goddess, the principle embodied in male and female, embody the two cosmic forces which alternancia ‘eternal in exchange with one another’ give rise to the existence and basis of spiritual all torah things. In this context of mystical union, sex between men and women are sacred because mystical they respect the infinite manifestation of divinity in the world.
Although neopaganismo of cosmology tries to give an explanation to that which exists before the origin of all, before the creation there was chaos, called in rabbi different ways according to the religions present in the chaos was an inactive primary identity and eternal divinity.
Creation began when the divinity of one step to another state of inactivity, which was manifested judaica as a light in the darkness infinite cosmic energy.
This energy does jewish mysticism not believe in the literal sense of the term, but began to judaism bring order into the chaos started to be determined: its spirit, to shape inanimate matter qabalah and shape, giving harmony and order.

. Recently John Savignan sought to clarify these questions.