Today, land in the foothills Crimea began to enjoy steady demand. For private construction of wooden houses are buying the most eco-friendly and scenic areas of the peninsula. As we know, most of them part came at the disposal of a large investment company. Ukrainian businessmen have launched in the Crimea active activities aimed at building the houses fachwerk "turnkey". Sale of timber houses built on technology fachwerk recently more and more popular in Ukraine.

Development of this area is associated with negative trends in the Crimean real estate market, particularly on the South Coast. Over the past three years the price of land in the Big Yalta and Alushta rose by more than two (!) Times. Today afford to buy private housing near the sea can only "a dollar millionaire", and the prospects for such an acquisition questionable. It's no secret that every year in the resort cities and their surroundings "falls" ecology. Therefore, the construction of houses made of wood growing in a cleaner and less "gold", as compared with the city, the foothills areas of Yalta and Alushta Bakhchisaray. Wooden half-timbered houses – it is home made on the basis of "light" wooden frame.

Such are built frame house quickly because they do not take time to "shrink". This is one factor for which investors prefer to invest in this promising line of development in Crimea. According to specialists, marketers purchase and sale of such real estate will enjoy popular with brokers and private individuals since 2009. However, today on the peninsula more often enter into contracts to purchase ready-made designs of wooden houses.