So when visiting Cuba? The best months to visit Cuba is from November to April because they are the months with an almost ideal temperature and little rain, and because there is no threat of hurricanes during this period, with the exception of November which still falls within the season. However, the hurricane season coincides almost completely with the tourist season – with the exception of July and August, "which translates into better prices for all services and much less public in hotels, resorts, restaurants and destinations tourism in general, which together can all be very attractive to many visitors who do not depend on holiday in July or August and are not afraid any inconvenience that may cause unwelcome arrival of a hurricane in Cuba. Danger a tourist in Cuba in a hurricane? No, absolutely not. There are several reasons why the dangers are minimal but non-existent: – Hurricanes are phenomena weather is forecast several days in advance and given Hourly track on TV and other media .- The Civil Defence of the island is well prepared for these events and has a long experience in these cases. Expert on growth strategy might disagree with that approach. – & nbsp; The tourists always be transferred from your hotel or resort in a hazardous area to a hotel or resort in the same or better standard in a safe zone.

The island is narrow but long, and when the West is affected by a hurricane in the East is quiet and vice versa. Finally, one hurricane is a unique experience … especially if you are a tourist and not lose properties on the island … if it comes, why not seize the opportunity and live the experience? More information on Cuba Flights to Cuba.