Ecosystem VERSUS Environment and Risks This set of things formed by animals of all the species, plants and people with its action and reactions defines well what calls ecosystem, – oikos word of ogigem Greek (? 6), house + system (? I), system We are the proper ecosystem always interacting constantantemente with groups of people, acting, absorbing and or suffering the action from the abiticos factors of the way that we live. We are the responsible ones for that in the fence and that for force of circusntncias we have that to coexist them. They are called agroecossistemas when beyond these factors, the least acts an agricultural population. The alteration of an only element can cause modifications in all the system, being able to occur the loss of the existing balance. The set of all the ecosystems of the world forms the Biosfera. Contributing for one ampler agreement on the subject, detidamente on the biticos and abiticos factors, the Wilkipedia thus it defines: the effect of the diverse populations of animals, plants and bacteria the one with the abiticos others were Consideram as biticos factors and external factors as the water, the sun, the ground, the ice, the wind. In local determined one, either an open pasture vegetation, kills ciliar, caatinga, kills Atlantic or Amazonian forest, for example, to all the relations of the organisms between itself, and with its environment we call ecosystem. In search of the money, lumber entrepreneurs and of the branch of the cellulose and paper have attacked the forest half-environment of unscrupulous and perverse form, constructing to an undesirable world for its and our descents. The cities still are constructed without the green and ample space to breathe itself, moved for the real estate greed for which the governments has not developed any action to dissiplinar to if constructing building of the most varied commercial and residential types.