Many of us hear the word barter we wonder that advantages, is better to change something to sell it, as there may be a return in a change. It’s simple, the swap is a contract that serves to regulate the barter, a payment method very ancient that exists since before the invention of currency and which is based on the equivalent exchange of objects. While it is true that the swap has very little weight today, it is not non-existent, in fact in times of economic crisis may be an alternative when buying a home, or what they do i.e. a change of housing without this lie in increasing our mortgage. When it comes to swapping there is no minimum price established, but if values in order to pay the taxes.

The trade-in of a dwelling, as well as a contract of sale, complies with the consent of both parties. But, unlike the sale that there are two distinct parties (seller and buyer), in the barter transaction both parties enjoy equal status. In the event that a property is mortgaged this has of subrogation the new owner of the mortgage, constituting a new or canceling it. But where the two houses are mortgaged, both parties should be subrogated to the respective mortgages. In this case if that should be very well calculated values and amounts of mortgages that remain payable to know if it should be financial compensation. To be able to subrogate a mortgage it must be a notarial deed, the Bank as creditor position should intervene in this.

This becomes a change whereby the new owner is positioned under the same conditions as above. Surrogate once should Youngs housing in the property registry. The trade-in is taxed by two taxes, one is the property transfer tax, you must currently be around by 7% of the value of the property. The second is the increase the value of land (capital gains), gravel the benefit that it has obtained over the years. Or that is to say, the difference between the value which took in the moment in which it was purchased and value that you currently have. The characteristics of the contract swap are the following: it is transferring domain, this serves to convey the property, is onerous for which an Exchange is necessary, but would be a donation of goods. It is commutative, both parties usually have the same rights and obligations. It is random by exception. It is instant or future tract. It is consensual, this perfect for the mere fact of pamper you, although in some cases it is necessary formalities to meet the obligations arising from the contract. The obligations of the parties reside in transfer ownership of things or permutados rights, deliver the thing or possession, liable for hidden defects, guarantee a position peaceful, answer the eviction, pay the part required by law in terms of writing and registration expenses and pay the taxes that apply by law. To be able to swap an item there are web pages that provide us free placing an ad in order to find an interested party. If you need to swap or change some good can put an ad free or if you are interested in find something of equal value what you want to change can find it here.