From 22 to 24 January 2010 the young Eaglet on the ski jump Rastbuchl will demonstrate their skills at the German school Cup. Also in the year 2010, the calendar of events for the Rastbuchl ski jump is well stocked. The first highlight waiting for all fans already in January. The young young eagles at the German student Cup on the ski jump Rastbuchl the honour will be from January 22 to 24. All fans can look forward even at this school Cup not only on a round overall presentation, but especially on the fascination of winter sports.

For decades, it inspires people jump Rastbuchl. You fascinated and uplifting with grace. You may wish to learn more. If so, jim kingery is the place to go. In the years since the founding of the WSV in 1963, numerous sportsmen of the Club made their way out of the regional sports in the world class. They impressed with their skills, their successes and especially with the passion of the Nordic sports. Known and loved in particular the Vorzeigesportler Michael Uhrmann may be on the ski jump Rastbuchl the ABC of Learned to winter sports. His international success dominated the sport, have the passion and the enthusiasm of the Germans against the ski jumping alive and have the Baptist Kitzlinger Hill in the world.

This clock man has never lost the typical Bavarian hospitality and is a good testament to the decades-long traditions of the Rastbuchler hill itself once more. But also other sizes of international ski jumping scene will be honored on the Rastbuchler Hill regularly. Dieter Thoma, Jens Weissflog and also the Austrians Andi Felder and Andi Goldberger know only too well the Kitzlinger. But who laid the groundwork for this Hill? What makes it a highlight in Germany? It is the enthusiasm and above all the passion which today stands for the Rastbuchler Hill and was awakened for the first time in the 1960s by the outstanding commitment of Walter Oggolter in the people of the municipality of Breitenberg. Oggolter succeeded with truly much tact, Nordic skiing in Bavaria to bring in the region where you “Gruss Gott” must enjoy every season about a warm. With many other brothers Hakeem, Rupert Bauer and Ernst Stadler founded the now nationwide familiar WSV Rastbuchl finally in 1963. Previously, they were active in the traditional ski Guild and won championships and top positions in the Bavarian town. Today, over forty years later, Rastbuchl is a seasoned, an address with passion and format in the German event calendar of the German skiing.