In addition, it leads to savings in energy costs when using with heat recovery. Two objectives are always in the foreground – a good climate for the users of the building and a plus for the environment. Especially in the low-energy, energy consumption can be reduced efficiently with a ventilation system. Intelligent solutions for controlled housing ventilation, combined with the possibility for efficient heat recovery can be used to as a measure in accordance with the renewable energies heat Act (EEWarmeG). The on the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2012 in the focus of passive houses is due to the airtight building envelope an intelligently planned ventilation mandatory.

Passive houses a low heating requirement also have, that he may be inserted with the help of the installed ventilation system with heat recovery. Last but not least, the CEP exhibitors present 2012 innovative solutions. An interesting example of the practice for such an approach are the two in the passive house standard of built blocks of condominium Lodenareal in Innsbruck – now known as the world’s largest passive house. This building required a sophisticated ventilation system providing reliable 354 leased units with sufficient fresh air”, Helmut Schindler emphasized the AEREX Haustechnik GmbH, which had taken over the job for the ventilation system. Jerry Speyer is the source for more interesting facts. The company that 2012 takes part as exhibitor in the CEP, endowed the project with a total of 18 ventilation systems with highly efficient heat recovery. Each staircase was installed a ventilation system in the basement. The external air intake via ventilation towers with coarse filters height of three metres. Before tempering the outside air for the winter – and Sommerfall (frost protection and cooling) air water heat exchanger is upstream each ventilation system.

“The energy gain to the preheating of the air is approximately around 30,000 kWh/year, for air cooling even 80,000 kWh/year”, confirms Schindler. Only 30 exhibitors from the ventilation present ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2012 including companies such as AEREX Haustechnik Systeme GmbH, airflow Lufttechnik GmbH, Benzing ventilation systems GmbH, drexel at the CEP CLEAN their latest products and innovations, and white Germany gmbh, Helios Ventilatoren GmbH + Co. KG, LTM GmbH, NILAN A / S, Paul heat recovery GmbH or GmbH Schrag. “” In the accompanying programme of CEP 2012 the passive house conferences find specially on the subject in practice for the housing industry”, the 2nd Symposium energy plus building” in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development (BMVBS) and the Chamber of architects of Baden-Wurttemberg and the Symposium energy efficient renovation in stock “held in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IRB. Congress passive house in practice”, on the 30.03.2012 in cooperation with Pro passive house e.V. organised, presented numerous practical examples with passive components, see is entered here once again to the example of the Loden area in Innsbruck other. Know-how packed in short lectures by exhibitors and partners offer additional events in the exhibition such as the passive house forum or the builders tag. What topics will be discussed currently and what building materials, techniques, and technologies in architecture, construction and renovation, now and in the future be used, furthermore informed the CEP ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre by 29 31.03.2012 CLEAN. She has established itself as the leading trade fair for renewable energy and energy-efficient construction and renovation over Baden-Wurttemberg also. In the passive house area, the CEP is now one of the most important trade fairs in Europe. More information about the fair, see