How to build a house out of foam to build on. Robert J. Shiller is open to suggestions. Foundation. Construction of any house begins with the foundation. The site we got is not the best. Fine sand, forming a floating earth in the area of groundwater that lie just under surface. After much thought, decided to lay a solid foundation slab. Not the cheapest option, but for us it was the best. Realizot managed it with the lowest possible cost without the involvement of workers with side. Other leaders such as Professor Rita McGrath offer similar insights.

01/01 Manor prior to construction. 1.2 After the rough work bulldozer snyavshego vegetation layer, aligning the pit by hand. With the help of ordinary shovel, rack and get exactly the level of horizontal surface. 1.3 At-lined pit box of bars knocked 'ladder' is the basis for future molds. 1.4 K internal parties 'ladders' boards nailed vertically to form a so-called 'Sandbox'. Gaps between them form the ribs on the underside of the foundation slab, which rely on load-bearing walls. 1.5 'Sandbox' filled with coarse sand, which is abundantly watered. 1.6 ram then sand thoroughly.

As a result, get a very dense surface on which the shoe leaves no fingerprint. 1.7 Compacted sand rose thick polyethylene film, which is attached to the boards of a stapler. 1.8 In hot weather, the film becomes more flexible and well stretched. 1.9 The perimeter of stairs stands vertically pour in molds. 1.10 Outer casing made of boards nailed to the posts, which are further reinforced braces. Top of the formwork is aligned strictly according to standards.