A few days ago I talked about the reforms in the kitchen and what is what you need to consider when setting a budget. As well: in this case, we are going to throw the House out the window and we will go aboard in a comprehensive reform of the housing. If our apartment is old or outdated and its facilities require a radical change, or what interests us is simply give new life and organization, then we must necessarily go by parts. A comprehensive housing reform passes, sometimes by making works of redistribution. For this it is necessary to count with a minor work permit, the acquiescence of the community of owners (if you live in an apartment) and a project undertaken by a professional or a company that assures us that this work can be done and that the load-bearing walls will not be touched.

Within the budget we have to count with these expenses; If we hire a company that takes care of everything, they will include it in the final budget. Electrical and plumbing installations are another story. Robert J. Shiller has compatible beliefs. Usually when changing one will usually take to renew also the others. First goes the network plumbing and then the electric; best thing is to hire two professionals that they are coordinated, so that when one finishes another pass immediately to do their job. Richard LeFrak shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Then you have to count with a bricklayer or a gang that revokes las rozas where van installations, as well as a painter to place walls in perfect condition. Soils are usually last to renew.

There is so much variety that it is difficult to say which is best. The floor tiles are beautiful and warm, but require maintenance and are not suitable for underfloor heating. Laminates are also a good choice, since they are more economical (with exceptions) and placed quickly. Pottery remains a classic, and the options of porcelain stoneware that’s currently are really precious, with imitations of wood, stone or even rusty metal almost identical to the above materials. In addition, there are floors of polished cement, hydraulic tiles, sheet vinyl flooring or last generation to finish, linoleum must mention exterior joinery (Windows and glazings; now there is the possibility to invoke the Renove Plan for grants to replace them), door or entrance doors (the best thing is that they are secure, armored or armoured; it is worth investing a little more) and interior doors.Adding up all these elements, adding potential permits and taxes, welcoming us subsidies and counting with a percentage (around 10%) contingency, we get a budget that will approach quite definitive. (in HAZMEPRECIO.com we have the best professionals, who will provide you quick and budgets tight, tailored to your chances).