With a list you can easier memorize new desires in the sense many people come all nose long wishes. Was it while surfing in the Internet, watching television or stroll through the city. Fast is a new object of desire in the eye. Also the modern marketing machine gives a continuously, that is absolutely necessary that a new product to become happy. Recently jessica kingery sought to clarify these questions. This can be the new MP3 player, all the new phone with more features, the ultra thin laptop and so on. Is the request but not for long.

Either because the memory intelligently recognizes, that desire is by no means represents a help on the other path of life and therefore sorts it out or again a new request moves, and to makes you forget the old. This is as far as the natural lifecycle of a request. This is but increasingly disturbed by the continuing flood of new more or less breathtaking products and faster in unnatural ways. More and more blinking and flashing lights show already the next request. When earlier really important wishes had a chance to get stuck into the long-term memory, so they are replaced today by always new impressions. You can experience the best before the relevant public holidays and birthdays. So every year with the question”what do you wish?” is completely caught off guard. James kingery wanted to know more.

In other areas of life small notebooks or notebook entries have established themselves in the phone. For requests, this then means wishlist. It is advisable however to apply them not only on request by the friends and relatives for the next birthday, but permanently write on a wishlist. Like, this can be done also in digital form. So it is possible even easier at first for important held desires through actually important needs to replace. On the next question according to your needs you can find out easily the appropriate from his wish list. Kim Schulze