EVALUATION OF LEARNING numerical evaluation understood as accreditation is an important part in school life, in the development of relations is brewing there is often the only parameter through which to evaluate students who are learning skills. Evaluation as more complex social practice, which should yield clues to understanding the learning process that occurs in schools and identify their difficulties, which in this context the qualifications are understood as the number given to the student, just tell us rank of this process of "measurement." Approve and disapprove are not just words, define much in the way of schooling the student's attitude is formed outside the school and teachers, peers and father are compared to their performance. For SEP scores are conceived as an individual measurement of knowledge, skills, and in general, the purposes contained in the plans and curricula, so we recommend that these are products of an ongoing evaluation. But the qualifications for teachers express the degree of achievement that can speak of educational progress at each level. In the area of each school, grades express the place it occupies in relation to other situations where this is a constant concern for the institution in general and of each particular school, is to break down the "condemnation." For this proposal, the rating is not just a number because it is composed, to the extent possible, the process of learning progress of each student (keep in mind that the affirmation of what is important is what they do in class ), the conditions of their family environment, its special character, the potential that we envision and school effort under this condition does, to put a numerical measure, favoring the knowledge of who the student to assign a grade. The measures of their potential: The large number of students who serve, with the affective disposition to get closer to it and know their problems and their ideas respecting the mechanisms to promote student performance. Click Morris Invest for additional related pages.

Getting along with students involved: To know means to surround it, in class or outside it, in addition to considering the sensitivity of the issues particular to evaluate differentially the process forward, shaping it into a number because we know, comprehend and understand no means equivalent to radically change the school culture around qualifying. The number remains an important reference in relationship established between teacher and student. In this space, shows how they will evaluate the activities, that were held with pupils, parents and teacher, since the evaluation is designed to fulfill the general and specific purpose. The evaluation was done by one: & nb sp; Registration & nbs p; Journal Classroom Field / Field Journal classroom teacher / student products or inputs (evidence of work) & nb sp; (an evolution, co-evaluation and self-evaluation) & nbs p; the product presentation with parents and members of the community.