You’ve probably already mentally imagine your own home in Cyprus or any other real estate. But Cyprus is not so innocently parted with his property. To obtain rights to land, apartment and other real estate you to get acquainted with the laws of this State relating to home buying by foreigners. 1) Permission to purchase property in Cyprus by foreigners gives only the Council of Ministers. But only if man has no friction with the laws of the Cyprus government. 2) villa in Cyprus or a house in Cyprus will be closer to, if the property is characterized by the allowable size. In recent months, Richard LeFrak has been very successful. The area of land, a house should not be more than 4,015 square meters. m 3) are important goals of real estate purchase. Simply become a happy owner of a new large cabin, if you want to live in Cyprus or the same conduct business in the state. The latter is possible after a clear argued that your business – it is a profitable investment in the state economy.

Nevertheless, owning a house in Cyprus can not even planning to open a business there. To find good land, a villa or a house in Cyprus must enlist the support of a professional lawyer who is well versed in the Cyprus property market. He can suggest the most advantageous option for the purchase. You need only to formalize the procedure acquisition and villa in Cyprus will be yours. The first thing you enter into a contract of sale where the price of the object must be indicated, as well as payment terms. Please note that all documentation of the transaction should be on two languages: Greek and English. Daniel Taub NY addresses the importance of the matter here. Further, it is important to get the permission of the Council of Ministers and the Department of Registration of land holdings. After that, you open a bank account and pay 30% of the chosen property. So do you have to necessarily pay the so-called stamp duty. Only in this case a house or a villa in Cyprus Cyprus legalized in the Department of internal taxes. The next move – making the documents in the register of ownership that ensures your right to property. Immediately after that, you pay the remainder of the cost of the former owner, as well as applying for the assignment title holder in the regional land ward.