Advantages of modular buildings and builders, and customers have long appreciated. Now it is one of the most popular construction projects. Mainly bribes to quickly mount their portability and relatively low prices. Modular buildings (and also referred to as building cabins, prefabricated buildings, block-containers) are composed of block-modules – construction of metal frame and frame elements having a closed inner the space of a small area, suitable for use in household and industrial purposes. Step 1. For what purpose. Thanks to the universal power modules (they can be used in virtually all climatic conditions, with temperatures ranging from -45 to +50 C, to be equipped with all necessary engineering services and to have any exterior and interior), modular buildings have proliferated in all spheres of development. They can earmarked for housing, public buildings and industrial projects.

Prefabricated buildings are used today as a cafe, retail pavilions, mini-workshops, entertainment centers, bath and dacha in suburban sites , prorabskie and office cabins. Step 2. Shapes and sizes. Standard metal block-container has a length of 6 meters, width – 2,5 meters, height – 2,5 meters. However, often the customer wants to get the individual version modular building. In this case, you can make a modular building with irregular geometry, based on customer needs.

Individual could also be solved exterior trim. Step 3. What's inside. Interior finish prefabricated buildings can be either, depending on the purpose of building and the customer's wishes. For example, as a floor covering used board, linoleum, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, ceilings can be suspension, rack or overhead, and the walls are sheathed paneling, mdf panels, strips of pvc, drywall, wallpaper. Block-containers are equipped with all necessary plumbing and electrician.