Within the so-called loans mortgage and therefore mortgage, the figure of the mortgage liability, which makes reference to a figure of money which is mainly represented in euros can be found and it is located within the writing publishes mortgage loan. The so-called mortgage liability will be the maximum amount of money by which the mortgagor will respond in the event that you do not make the cancellation thereof, i.e. by non-payment of the mortgage loan. Dell Client Solutions addresses the importance of the matter here. The mortgage liability is then set from the same realization of writing that represents the mortgage, action that can be seen from the perspective of a warranty or prediction that financial institutions put in place to leave nothing to chance and thus have until the last detail of the mortgage loan under control and warranty conditions. So to have planned to the last detail within the mortgage loan, one of the most important will be the events in which in which not are of the payment of the same, which will give way to the mortgage liability. Within the event involving the mortgage liability and everything that makes this occurs, presents a series of actions that perform the same entities financial and banking, routed to the realization of a few formalities and legal aspects, which is carried out before giving way to foreclose and its subsequent embargo; among these actions may occur: generally is expected some time after the concurrence of non-payment, which is derived from interest rates for non-payment of the mortgage loan in favour of the banking entities.

After the passage of a reasonable time where interest rates are generated, banks put up different actions and formalities judicial, which generate one costs of lawyers, different costs of papers and documents that require certain formal conditions, also procurators and other things that suggest more money for expenses. All of these judicial proceedings are given during a long time, is added to that time It happened while the sentence is generated firm that gives way to the embargo; so this passage of time means the generation of more interest. The sum of all these interests, expenses are calculated by banks, in what is known as the mortgage liability; otherwise one can say that mortgage liability consists of: the amount of money that was borrowed by the Bank for the purchase of a House, a subject which became mortgagor by reason of the amount of money involved in the mortgage loan, and; All legal costs, formalities and documents, along with all the interests that were accumulated with the passing of time and the lack of mortgage payment. Financial and banking entities typically represent the total amount which means the mortgage liability by means of a percentage of the original amount of the mortgage.