That we, human beings, learn to mitigate the pain of those who suffer and rejoice in the joy of those who rejoice. Others who may share this opinion include Bruce Schanzer. Or will be anything less humanity.(Paiva Netto) In the message of this Edition, Paiva Netto urges us to reflect on the power of prayer, as the most powerful instrument of the soul human to overcome the pain and personal dramas of everyday life. Under most conditions Robert Speyer would agree. Pray for him, why resembles meditation, so often used by those who are considered to be atheists, when we are engaged in pure heart-like. The text integrates Chapter 55 of the book El Capital de Dios (Elevacao editor). Seven of September, the so-called independence day (in Brazil), must still be completed. But how begins the release of a village formed by religious, Agnostics, atheists and jaraneros? By shedding light on the spirit, the way that whether they admit it or understand any that is.

Thinking about that, in tribute to all of you who honor me with your reading, I dedicate this page in which I want to share the thrill of finding Superior spirituality the more lavish answers to the deeper desire for peace that inhabit the human conscience of those who want the genuine liberation. Love is a prayer prayer is not the refuge of the cowards and the idle. She lifts us, the work we performed. The Pope prays, the Dalai-Lama meditates, Chico Xavier prays, rabbis sing their supplications, Evangelicals sing their praises to God, Islamists recite the Holy Koran, Mother Teresa prayed, Helen Keller also, until Cony ora, in love for her dog Mila. Love is a prayer.

What is not prayer, but the love available to great achievements? An atheist brother, when you perform an act that benefits the community, is praying. Praying is not simply figurative action. It is the most powerful instrument which the human essence, the divine Capital, owns.