Which of our relatives did not wait to drive fast? Of course, everything. At this time, some of it is performed correctly, and do not go to Racing on the streets of mega-cities, a huge number of them at this time filled with cars. Because that's traveling on city streets is not good influences on your machines. How to ask the question how are you? Pay your attention to our tracks, they all look like a washing board, it's everywhere. And such a moment in the whole As the tiny villages and remote highways. And every year the situation becomes increasingly worse. And in addition to all these nightmares, as it should, in the cold time of our track is sprinkled with a bunch of toxic contaminants, and those immediately destroy the paint of your car.

That's why car owner are always interested in new automotive industry. That hgv – is the most interesting part of the information, which worries everyone who has a car. And what can please the car owners in 2011? What do hgv 2011 await you? What surprises prepared for our thought for all car owners? News, of course, is only now not everyone can enjoy these innovations, they all have a connection with taxes on the car. And waiting for all in 2011, abolition of tax on the car, all motorists who pay no matter how long they spend time for cars. That is why those of the iron transport uses quite rare, such news, of course, happy. Expert on growth strategy will undoubtedly add to your understanding. And also, and other car owners who do not Immersed connection with machine predprenimatelskim affair. After reduction, in fact, leads to what appears in opposition to the direction of higher prices. That is exactly what happened.

A price increase will be to increase the excise tax on all petroleum products, more new taxes are expected to fare routes of vehicles carrying capacity of more than twelve m. Finally, the concluding paragraph on the minds of ministers – a tax on road service, and those from year to year increase. Only such hgv Russia will be the next disputes among our countrymen, and in particular, drivers and chefs transport companies. In general, government, inventing such a reform, wants to reduce the loss of ordinary people, but on the other side is stupid to throw all farm roads without any finance. Given this situation, they must devise more appropriate ways to help you avoid losing the amount of dollars received from the road to this excise tax. Here we have to watch the progress of new and wait until 2011. Simply excluding road tax all of you will have to learn and innovations clearance vehicles. And it's more interesting topic for many. Certainly, due to poor road surface, you have to buy new cars. And not everyone wants to buy a car in Russia and the cis, as the few machines that can satisfy the wishes of the owners of vehicles, namely, with a run on Russian routes. Morris Invest shines more light on the discussion. Therefore, most car owners wish to search cars abroad, using means peregonschikov or the same trip to find a U.S. dealer. But to expect such innovations to you now is not long, as time and see what You will be surprised hgv 2011.