From St. Petersburg is even smaller: only 4 hours at a suburban train – and you are there. On holidays and school holidays hotel rooms must be booked in advance. The rest of the time travel in Novgorod, a little, so the city can be viewed as a whole, without haste, for "Long" weekend. Novgorod is incredibly beautiful in the winter. Ancient churches and surrounded by trees strewn with frost, river that never freezes, clear blue skies and sunshine make it a real fairy tale. Travel with old part of town – an encyclopedia of Russian architecture of XII-XVII centuries. You should begin, of course, Detinets.

River divides the city into two sides – commercial and Sofia. Already from the settlement (two kilometers up the river), in relation to Novgorod, which was called "new town", with the ship you can see the red brick towers and fortress walls. Swim closer – become visible parts: the teeth of the walls and battlements of the towers, belfry, most of the bells on which, unfortunately, "dumb", as well as the main shrine and the oldest church of Northern Russia – Novgorod Sophia, built in 1045. This grand ceremonial church demonstrates a desire of Prince Vladimir to realize Novgorod the pomp and glitter of the Kiev Sofia. In the old days there was going to veche, kept the city coffers (survived caches walls stair tower), there was a large library – a few thousand books, chronicles and archives. The western doors of the temple, consisting of many small bronze figurines – Magdeburg (Sigtunskie) gates, military trophy of Novgorod, which was brought from walking on the sea in Sweden – a few centuries served as a solemn entrance to the temple.