Sofortkredite.NET informed: top rates credit with long-term benefit for all easyCredit customers – special promotion until 5th November 2011: operating times up to 120 months and low interest rates from 5, 99prozent p.a.. Now, not only property owners benefit from extra long maturities of the easyCredit of rates loan. The Nuremberg loan specialists offer the so-called runtime advantage now all of their customers, i.e. periods are November 05, 2011 up to 120 months for every borrower possible – at least up to. Until then, the special action is limited.

Fixed interest rates secure long term with the current credit campaign showcasing easyCredit an extremely attractive offer: in addition to above-average run time the credit convinces especially low effective interest rates from 5.99% to 9.99% p.a. credit amounts to maximum 75,000 euro. Who needs a loan from min. 25,000 euros, can take in addition plus advantage throughout, which secures the fixed initial interest rate of 5.99% for the entire period of 36 or 48 months. Overall an exceptional Offer, as also the comparison on confirmed. Benefits of financial leeway the advantage of long maturities is obvious: the longer the term, the lower the monthly burden of future installments fails.

The amounts are lower, can be spread over a larger period of time and provide more financial flexibility as a result. In addition, easyCredit adopts the borrowers as usual all application or processing fees. Planning security, top conditions as well as customer-oriented service characterize the offer. For this the focus was awarded easyCredit already by the financial experts money as “The best installment loan with advice” (Edition 27/2011). Interested parties will find an overview of the detailed terms and conditions and the customer-friendly framework conditions under easycredit.html company description compare save time and money: the insurance Portal shows where to find cheap car insurance. Valuable tips to help readers looking for the right offer. On the portal you will inform interested parties around the building society savings, building societies and mortgage lending.