There is evidence that San Martin de Ampurias was bishopric between 516 and the 693, although not is hardly evidence of any building of that time. The year 715 Muslims conquer throughout the area, Carlomagno recovered the year 785. With the reorganization of the Hispanic territories carried out in the year 812 the first medieval count of Empuries, Ermenguer documents are. Although the population remained relatively stagnant from this moment, the current walls are the result of subsequent reforms as well as Church, dating from 1507 can visit this village which has a great variety of landscapes and activities and rent an apartment on the Costa Brava in this town or by the zone. The ruins of Empuries ruins of Empuries are located in Sant Marti d Empuries, near the fishing village of l scale. It’s a place unique and unique, since it was a Greek and Roman city fusion of the two great European cultures. Consisted of four pairs: the first Greek Foundation, situated on a peninsula (now Sant Marti d Empuries), called by archaeologists Paleapolis or old city; the Greek city on the Mainland, near the sea, with the name of Neapolis (new city); the Roman city, situated above the Neapolis, and the Iberian town which was also called Indike and not found until today. Empuries was founded circa 575 BC by Greeks from Phocaea who, for security reasons, initially settled in the islet, Paleapolis.

The Greeks named it Emporium, i.e. market, and it was an attractive commercial factory. However, in the year 218 BC the Romans imposed by force arrived and installed a military camp that later became city, in 100 BC, the remains of which can today visit. The breakwater of the port is one of the most monumental engineering works of antiquity in the Iberian peninsula. The global site of 40 has is the most visited archaeological site of Catalonia. By their condition of entry point of the Greeks to the peninsula, Empuries was the designated place to receive the Olympic flame of the Olympics in Barcelona in the year 1992 You can visit the grounds in approximately two hours and discover how they were their homes, temples, markets and shops. In order to be closer to this historic venue and this beautiful coast we offer the rental of an apartment in Barcelona, the Catalan capital, with which you can enjoy more of the Costa Brava and in addition you can visit the city of Barcelona.