You can highlight the main parts and Sites operated equipment, for which the repair of gas-thermal methods of effective use of protective coatings. Scope of application of thermal spraying:-pump and compressor and turbine – Equipment: – seating shafts, rotors – bearings – the working surfaces of the wheels and blades – rods and plungers – the elements of mechanical seals, valves,: – V-sealing surface, ball and gate valves, drive elements – surface hydro-and pneumatic, electric,: – seating rotor and housing components, heat exchangers,: – repair and protection against corrosion and erosion surfaces of heat exchangers, parts for steam and gas turbines: – seating necks rotors, landing drive, protection against gas-abrasive erosion of blades, babbit bearings – protection and restoration of gas turbine blades; – Exhaust fans, rotors and blades – seats in cast iron housing components – protection against corrosion of metal, etc. The above list is not complete … The advantages of thermal spraying: Ability restore worn parts many times. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Speyer. -Significant increase in some parts of the resource by giving them new properties. Cost-recovery is about 30% of the cost of new parts. -A wide range of deposited materials: non-ferrous metals, babbitt, rilsan, steel, stainless alloys, ceramics, hard metals (carbides). The absence of thermal-lead parts in contrast to the deposition: the temperature of the surface details of sputtering does not exceed 120 degrees. Under most conditions Bruce Schanzer would agree.

Advantages of cooperation with JSC 'Technological systems of protective coatings':-High level of competence and extensive experience – over 15 years, during which time thousands of recovered parts, delivered clients tens of clusters deposition turnkey. The presence of several certified by ISO 9001-2001 production facilities in Moscow, Yoshkar-Ola, Perm and Tyumen. -Warranty coverage. -Ability to conduct work on your site to restore or protect large equipment. -Providing for your requirement of certificates and customer feedback.