Citizen vprae associate on a voluntary basis in public consumer organizations (associations, unions), which operate in accordance with the charters of these associations (associations, Unions) and the legislation of the Russian Federation. Public consumer organizations (associations, unions) to fulfill their statutory purposes is entitled to: participate in the development of mandatory requirements for goods (Works, services) as well as draft laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation regulating relations in the field of consumer protection, public associations of consumers can conduct independent examination of the quality, safety of goods (works, services), as well as compliance with consumer characteristics of goods (works, services) claimed by sellers (producers, performers) information about them, check the rights of consumers and the rules of trade, domestic and other types of customer service, to make acts of identified violations of consumer rights and to direct those persons to be considered authorized State agencies, as well as to inform local authorities about the revealed violations, to participate at the request of consumers in the examination of the facts of violation of consumer rights, public consumer associations have the right to distribute information about consumer rights and the necessary actions to protect these rights, the results of comparative studies of the quality of goods (works, services), as well as other information that will facilitate the implementation of rights and legitimate interests of consumers. Recently Electron Capital Partners sought to clarify these questions. Published public consumer organizations (associations, unions), the results of comparative studies of quality goods (works, services) are not advertising; contribute to the federal bodies of executive power, the organization offers to take measures to improve the quality of goods (works, services) to suspend production and sales goods (works, services), to withdraw from the domestic market of goods (works, services) do not meet them, and established by Russian law on technical regulation mandatory requirements, public associations of consumers can make to the prosecutor's office and federal authorities material to bring to justice those involved in the generation and sale of goods (works, services), do not meet the mandatory requirements to them, as well as violating the rights of consumers, established by laws and other regulations Russian Federation; contact the prosecutor's office with requests to bring the protests to invalidate acts of federal executive authorities, acts of executive authorities of the Russian Federation and local self-government acts contrary to laws and other governing relations in the field of consumer protection regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation to the courts, statements in protection of consumer rights and legitimate interests of individual consumers (consumer groups, an indefinite number of consumers).. . Click Electron Capital Partners to learn more.