In the form of real estate you can find a variety of such properties can be designed for many activities, and can be adjusted to the convenience and taste of each person, taking into account that the estate can be found in the urban area of the city, in rural areas of the city, in villages, which are the most pleasant, or in areas distant from the central town of the municipalities, which offer a great alternative when wanting to get away from the world and enjoy a quiet air, and each farm depending on their location will determine diverse as housing, tourism, agricultural, livestock and other economic development activities, also may be the case that real estate is a diverse mix activities. The predilection estate is the estate which is in urban land, since this type of real estate has all the comforts that we can offer the world today can be equipped with a games room, relaxation room, can have a bathroom, Turkish sauna-at usually have swimming pools for both large and small stop, and have medium-sized gardens ideal for a relaxing evening, with a barbecue, at present this type of real estate is designed in greater numbers to be leased for periods of late week where young people or families go there for a weekend of relaxation and fun, another way to use a real estate urban land is for events, mostly weddings and celebrations are held for 15 years, but also used as home rest. The real estate that most pleases the lovers of nature is located in rural land, bearing in mind that this type of real estate has the advantage of being located in the countryside, so you can enjoy all the benefits of Mother Nature, so enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the countryside, as are the green mountains, beautiful forests accompanied by small roads immediately transported to a natural world, as the combination of vegetation and animals in a wild state they feel a great joy, the rivers immediately awaken the desire to dive into the water and enjoy the tranquility, fun and freshness that provides water in a natural state, another of the activities you can enjoy estate in a rural type of life experience to coexist with a variety of animals, since in the real estate of this type are installed farms, where you can find cows, horses, pigs, ducks, chickens, among other great variety of animals that can arouse a great affection. Finally the real estate for economic production, which is the rural property, which has a preferred destination to generate economy from the exploitation of the land is used for agricultural production of various kinds of crops, livestock or for the production and timber extraction.. More information is housed here: Bizzi & Partners.