" What other reasons can affect a change in price in the new year? Elections raise prices? Importance of elections in recent years has increased dramatically. These results define further the political course of Russia, as well as affect the country's stock market, prices and much more. "Currently, the residential property Kirov prices do not change – the director of the Academy of Sciences' Perspective "Valentine Koryakina. – In my opinion, this is largely due to the election. Emerging from the elections to the Duma, and in March we will choose a new president.

Most likely, the stagnation in prices will continue until early spring. And after the end of the cost of housing will increase. Politics is politics. Mostly this will affect the growth, of course, the primary market housing, rather than the secondary. Just think of where to go up even further, "Khrushchev," which now require a major overhaul? "With such an outlook in accordance with the majority of the Kirov Realtors. "The primary market will rise in price due to growth of land prices for cement and other construction materials, – says Realtor "Real Estate Agents" Natalya Voronova – if the primary market grows, the more expensive and definitely secondary.

We often such a situation: a man opens the newspaper and sees that some apartment costs, for example, half a million rubles, having conceived it, he decides to sell his apartment is for two million. Thus is born the new prices. In the secondary market price dictate their own people.