Increasing attractiveness of real estate investments in recent years real estate investments have in recent years attractive again become. In contrast to other countries, gave and there are no real-estate bubble in Germany with extremely rising prices in the real estate market. The real estate bubble in the United States is regarded as triggers of the global financial crisis, resulting in E.g. the inflated real estate markets in Ireland and Spain are collapsed. To know more about this subject visit Professor Rita McGrath. This is not the case in Germany. Last observed price increases on real estate investments are likely to rely much on catch-up effects in the real estate market or on particularities of regional markets.

For that you must be aware, that in particular the housing for several years has stagnated or even declined. Real estate investments had become unattractive, the yields were too low, the risks were too high the odds against. Only in the wake of the financial crisis the real estate has been discovered now investment again. How big are the differences in the regional real estate markets and cities shows for example, the study of residential real estate potential “, which was created for the magazine real estate.” This study reveals also some huge pent-up demand in the housing in many cities. Of this pent-up demand, not just you for real estate investments attractive areas such as Munch en are affected. There is a pent-up demand also in many smaller cities here. An additional driving force for real estate is expected from investments in the demographic change in Germany.

Our aging society has different requirements. The number of households with children is less, the number of developmentally appropriate apartments will rise, the city WINS currently more attractive as the country. Win real estate investments during the financial crisis as a supposedly safe haven for assets compared to other forms of investment. All of this makes a real estate investment. While there are ways for real estate investments. Closed-end real estate funds is one to a plant with all opportunities and risks entrepreneurial activity, without however usually corporate influence on the Fund have like in direct real estate investments. Open-ended real estate funds generally offer the possibility to be traded at any time. But the withdrawal has been exposed in recent years of fund units at some companies over a period of time.

Also constant trad-ability was limited legally fund shares from a particular investment. Also the risks and difficulties that are showed in indirect real estate investments, are likely to have contributed to interesting to make direct real estate investments. This is still the principle of location, location, location”for each real estate investment. While earlier but that rather the micro site, so the location of the property within a city, was meant, the macro site is today become extremely important. The regional differences in Germany are so large, that it is the correct region and the right city for real estate investment to find. Migration in Germany, differences in economic development and demographic change are responsible. For a successful real estate investment z.B residential real estate is unrewarding to filter out the cities in Germany out of a total of about 12,000 cities and towns, which show a positive development of the population, are equipped with relatively low social problems and very high prosperity at a good infrastructure in the transport and education, and for those with an existing backlog in housing construction in the coming years with additional needs in this area can be expected. Henner Liege.