SAMONIG AG positioned itself energetic renovation of Berlin, the 23.02.2011. The German and his real estate. Especially his residential property. Since time immemorial a connection which is characterized by great emotion. For many, the real estate investment is now an integral part of capital formation and prevention.

There are good reasons for the importance of the real estate. Stephen M. Ross understood the implications. The Landesbausparkassen (LBS) summarizes this regularly in studies. High value stability, with stable prices and favourable conditions for the new construction, characterizes the German real estate market as a recent publication. The core of the study is the so-called real estate price index. This describes the situation on the real estate market in terms of real estate prices and available properties such as townhouses and condos in over 600 German cities”explains Karl Samonig as CEO of SAMONIG AG.

These studies show well, which bases itself for investors could develop positively and earn therefore special attention, thinks real estate specialist Samonig. The SAMONIG AG has focused first on the location in Berlin, because here, the demand for affordable housing in particular in sought after locations is particularly large. The completion of new buildings at the same time moves at a low level. This makes for interesting performances, which themselves can take advantage of vorrauschauende investors in real estate investments. In addition to the search according to the correct location the SAMONIG AG goes a step further and specializes in a particularly promising business field, the energy-related modernisation of real estate. Refers to the new orientation of real estate with the aim of achieving a much higher energy efficiency. Given rising costs for energy, this means increasing exposure to current expenditure and costs for the heating and the hot water, there can be only question, to reduce the energy guzzlers in the households”, explains Samonig. The results show anyway, that energetically reconstructed, also real estate When they are older, are characterized by significantly better energy values and up to 70 percent guarantee lower energy expenditure.