Contrary to skeptics, the real estate Kharkov in early 2011 did not go into the stagnant state. Richard LeFrak has many thoughts on the issue. The real estate market is still active and shows a positive trend of development. Those who want to buy an apartment Kharkov and neuspevshie solve their housing problem in the previous year, unfortunately, do not get enough of a wide range of options – current proposals there are very few, most of the isolated flats has been sold to new year. In January 2011 still remained a demand for affordable housing – 1 bedroom apartment to 28,000 isolated U.S. dollars and an apartment Gostiny type share a room, communal.

Apartments in Kharkov more than 28 000 dollars are smaller demand. Realtors say that if current trends continue, the property prices may show growth of Kharkov, by spring 2011. At the same time, almost guaranteed to rise the price of one-bedroom apartment in the city Kharkov, for which there is a certain gap. Also, according to realtors, to spring 2011 greatly increased the demand for private households – both in the city Kharkov and in the suburbs. Increased demand for land under construction is unlikely, most likely he will remain at the level of the past 2010 years. At the same time, demand for inexpensive housing in common near the suburbs of the market for homes in the city of Kharkov. Most often, buyers justify This is because for the same money in the near picturesque suburb they can buy more of good quality and high-quality home than in the city. Analyzing customers' needs and offer free classifieds on the Internet, you can come to the conclusion that at present real estate market is experiencing a particular shortage of housing on the secondary market – the number of those who give advertising – buy an apartment Kharkov, much more those who wish to sell real estate. Source property Kharkiv