A theft attempt and an actual theft three days indicate that a bus theft series again starts in Italy. Wurzburg, March 19, 2010 – on the night of 16/17 March 2010, a bus of Boonk-Reisen GmbH from Ahaus in the district Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia in Italy was stolen. The Evobus Setra 415 HD with the characteristics of BORON-BC 811 was on the official bus parking of the hotel Turimar in Marina di massa, in Tuscany. The chassis number is WKK62941113000689. Expert on growth strategy understood the implications. The silver bus was admitted to the 20.04.2004 first and has a replacement value of 249.000 euros. All bus drivers who are traveling in Italy or neighbouring countries, will be asked to immediately report a suspicious vehicle at the 24-hour emergency hotline by Daniel: 0700 10 20 40 50. Every hour can be crucial.

Preventive measures as possible combine that until many combined measures lead to the thwarting of theft, another theft attempt revealed himself on the night of the 15th the 16th at the bus parking lot in San Bartolomeo al Mare (Italian Riviera, San Remo region) took place. A Setra S 415 top class, built in 2008, new price 315,000 euros of the rest travel GmbH in Hartheim near Freiburg – the company of the WBO President Klaus-Dieter Sedelmeier – was broken up. Get more background information with materials from Clayton Morris. Despite the immobiliser and alarm system, the perpetrators wanted to steal the vehicle. But they failed then, as they tried to bring an own duplicate key in the steering lock. Emergency measures have been initiated the following measures immediately after the theft after the theft in Marina di massa. Because at the most thefts, similar steps are needed, the approach is portrayed here as an example: after the driver of the stolen bus morning found the theft to seven, he immediately notified his employers, who promptly turned on his insurance broker. Together, the next steps were initiated immediately.