How can we make a decision about renting residential property (whether rent a private apartment or room in a communal apartment)? Each of us is not alien to the desire to eventually buy their own property – corner, where there is peace and harmony, where all his and friends, where you own boss. Pastoral picture of life in your own room / apartment / house (underline) represent a majority of the inhabitants of Russia, whose notorious housing question yet to be resolved. What are the options? Become homeowners hard, it's not a secret. Whenever Citi Global Property listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It's one thing if there is a start of what is an empty property in the area of N, which can be painlessly and sell to invest in buying new properties, and can be house in the village that was transformed into an inheritance from your grandmother, and perhaps wisely deferred sufficient funds to invest in newly built real estate or to become a party to the mortgage program. But such prerequisites have not at all, most of the inhabitants of our vast country no choice, the market is dictating its terms.

So, you want to live in a separate apartment, an independent adult with his own earnings, but do not have a chance to pay the first installment, or take a mortgage loan? The solution is – to remove a property for rent! Not Take your time to give, consider the possible advantages and disadvantages of renting residential real estate options and take informed decisions. Jim kingery may find this interesting as well. Argument number one: "Why pay money each month to the landlord if I could again each month on your mortgage loan to extinguish the bank and live with in your own apartment? ". The counterargument: the sum of the monthly payment on the mortgage without any tangible down payment greatly exceeds the rental rate for objects with approximately equal performance and extend over a long time. In addition, the landlord – a man like you, and if necessary, most likely, will meet and show understanding. On the other hand, banking system involves the minimum number of concessions.

Argument number two: "Rent real estate (apartments or rooms) – it is certainly excellent, but very expensive, besides their home there is no substitute." Counterargument: as we have seen, the monthly payment amount the apartment is much lower than, say, pay the mortgage. Moreover, in recent years many governments have talked about the need to promote the rental residential real estate as an alternative program to the provision of real estate and, therefore, need to monitor the level of rents. In the U.S., for example, about a third of Americans live happily in a rented housing and property Acquires only at retirement age. Indeed, to find a country where all citizens – property owners, it is hardly possible. Even in the most developed countries, for many people to rent an apartment – norm. Rental of residential property, whether apartment or room – the best option for those who want to start an independent life in a separate apartment, for those who want to live today, for those who are looking to the future without forgetting the present.